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CDL-56K Mobile Mic. (Black)

CDL-56K Mobile Mic. (Black)
Brand: Workman
Product Code: E01-06008
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3 reviews   Rating: 5/5.
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Dynamic Noise Cancelling Pre-wired f/4 pin works w/ most Cobras, Uniden, Galaxy, Alan, Connex or Cherokee radios
Microphone talk power.
Heavy duty construction.
Heavy duty coil cord, extends to 9 feet


| 3 reviews
Excellent mic. Change out internal ceramic disk capacitor to a 1.5uf Tantalum capacitor at 16v and it will give you FM quality bass without the distortion. Do the Hi Fi mod to your radio and you will sound like an FM station.
| 3 reviews
Great Mic. Have ordered a LOT of these for driver friends. They love them. Sounds great, work wonderful, HUGE switch for easy cleaning. Priced great. Last forever. I say this mic is better then its over priced lookalike.
| 3 reviews
Better than I thought but not quite as good as the real RK56 but you can't beat it for the money.

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