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CR577 Ceramic Mic

CR577 Ceramic Mic
Brand: RF Limited
Product Code: P03-00008
This product is no longer available!
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Volume and Tone Controls
Wired for 4-Pin Radios
CB Radio Power Microphone with Ceramic Mic with Cartridge
To get the best sounding audio out of your radio start at the source-your microphone.
The RF Limited CR577 Ceramic Cartridge Power Microphone is the new definition of quality transmitted audio.
Get heard, and more important be understood!
The CR577 features a ultra-clear ceramic microphone cartridge, low-noise audio amplifier with volume control and variable tone control
to 'dial in' your audio.
Microphone Type: 1" Ceramic Cartridge
Microphone Sensitivity: -60db
Frequency Response: 30- 15,000Hz
Volume (Amp Gain)Control
Audio Tone Control
Battery Type: 9V (006P or PP3)

| 1 reviews
well i got my first one yesterday and have had nothing but great reviews the guys on my channel love it in fact i just ordered 5 more last night , keep up the good work Sam Lewis at rf limted ........ 5 stars************+++++++++++++= great mic grab one while there cheap

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