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Powerband RFX75 RF Driver

Powerband RFX75 RF Driver
Brand: EKL Components
Product Code: P03-00001
This product is no longer available!
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The RFX75 is a new RF section for Magnum 10 Meter Amateur transceivers.
Brand New Powerband RFX75 RF Driver and Transistors Replacement Part
The RFX75 can be bought as a replacement part.
It's is a low cost solution to replace bad RF driver and final output stages in other 10 Meter Amateur transceivers that used obsolete / discontinued transistors.
Make your radio put out 75 watts - Make it SWING with the latest Power Mosfet technology.
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Works on these radios and more

  • Cobra 25
  • Cobra 29
  • Cobra 148 Early model and New models
  • EPT3600 Chassis Radios
  • EPT6900 Chassis Radios
  • Galaxy DX929 Mosfet Final Version
  • Galaxy DX939, DX949, DX959, and Ranger 396, 696, and 966 (2SC1969 Chassis Versions)
  • Glaxay DX939, DX949, DX959, and Ranger 396, 696, and 966 (Mosfet Chassis Versions)
  • Magnum S-3, Magnum S-6, Magnum S-9 10 Meter Transceivers with main printed circuit board numbers 9821R21
  • RCI 2950
  • RCI 2950DX


| 2 reviews
I put one of these on a Cobra 25NW. It dead keys about 18 watts and swings to 100 easily. Great powerful little radio. The rfx 75 does heat up quickly though, so it needs to be well ventilated. It works great.
| 2 reviews
Awesome performance in little package, but do not attempt to install unless you know what you are doing. Installed on a 29 LTD and got 80+ watts.

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