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Ranger RCI 69FFB4

Ranger RCI 69FFB4
Brand: Ranger
Product Code: R10-10016
Price: $629.99

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6 reviews   Rating: 5/5.
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       AM, FM, SSB 10 Meter Radio

  • Black Radio and Heat Sink
  • Volume, Squelch, Mic Gain, RF Gain
  • Fine/Corse Clarifier
  • Frequency Counter (6 Digit)
  • Power 200w AM, FM & CW - 400w SSB
  • Echo On/Off Switch (Internal echo adjustment included with tuning. It is set for a clean sound).
  • Variable Talk back Control
  • Variable RF Power Control
  • 10KHz switch
  • SWR Meter
  • NB/ANL
  • Roger Beep With Switch
  • Dimmer Hi/Low
  • PA
  • Mic, power cord and mounting accessories included with all radios.



| 6 reviews
I decided to give my radio a 2nd try after reading some of the reviews above. I did change out my microphone and have tried different mic gain and RF gain settings. I have to say what a difference on the reports that I am getting now. I have had other drivers ask what radio I was using & then come back with "you have a keeper there" Thanks for posting some of your settings.
| 6 reviews
I bought one of these and man does it work great. The freq expansion was simple and the low power was tweaked to 10 watts dk and high was set to 100 watts swinging 460 watts. Tweaked AM modulation to 100%. No other adjustments to the PA where really needed. Draws almost 30 amps on AM and over 60 amps on SSB so use some serious guage power leads. The recieve was hot even though not really optimize for 11 meters none the less it was hot and noisey until the RF gain was turned to 12 o'clock or a little before and a nice external speaker is used. I'm using a 6" Jenson wall speaker and it sounds fantastic. You need a speaker that rolls off that hissy high end. All these simple checks where made after the radio burned in for 72 hours. Never noticed any real drifting on SSB like some have indicated, but mine is strictly used as a base station so is not susceptible to the environment. Can't say enough about the near 500 whiskeys on the output in basic stock form. Great radio.
| 6 reviews
This is a great radio like all Rangers they need to be properly tuned and aligned they do not come from the factory set up properly and Copper Electronics for all that they are good at. One of the things they are not very good at is peeking and tuning a extremely high performance radio like this. That's why your radio did not perform well.
| 6 reviews
To Mike Roda above, These Radios like any other drift with temp change. In winter when I shut down my warm truck 75 / 85 Degs it is dead on freq from a stable temp, the next day it is off till truck warms up... be it AM/FM,Sideband all need a steady temp to lock on freq. In constant summer temps I have no problem with this radio staying on freq, unless I turn on the AC then i need to retune due to temp drop. To Everyone Else, I am in Ohio and believe me when I say this radio has the power to talk all over. I had it Aligned,Tuned and a Top Gun Modulator Kit installed. I have talked to England.UK, and Hawaii from my truck on 10 meter and Honolulu Hawaii on 11 no problem. I use a Stainless Steel Whip, ball and spring setup. When I get the cash saved up I may buy another for a base setup.
| 6 reviews
Sorry to say this but this is an extremely over priced radio. I had high hopes for this radio, I had a Ranger 2750 in the past it was a much better radio. I bought this from Copper had it tuned up. It is constantly drifting from the chosen frequency. It just cannot stay centered on frequency. It probably isn't real noticeable on AM but for side-band work it would be terrible. I also have a Superstar radio it is by far superior to this radio. I feel that other than the really shiny chrome face plate in which the red writing is nearly impossible to read. This radio is way over priced and rated.

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