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JCD-201M Base Microphone

JCD-201M Base Microphone
Brand: Jeil Communications
Product Code: J00-02000
Price: $124.99

6 or more $114.99
24 or more $99.99

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Microphone Wiring 4,5 and 6 Pin:

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  • Selectable for 2 sets of transceivers at once by slide switch.
    High Sensitivity Electret Condenser Microphone Element equipped.
  • High Quality Compressor Amplifier ( High - Low selectable ) built-in. It sends out constant and optimum level without distortion regardless of audio input level.
  • Equipped with FM(AM)/SSB Audio Quality Selector Switch for optimum operation. The Electret Condenser Microphone ensures clearer voice quality in FM(AM) position and better voice quality on SSB.
  • Non-Modulation Prevention Circuit built-in.
    After continuous transmitting for a few minutes, the alarm circuit will be activated with alarm
    sound for 30 seconds. Then, the condition returns to receiving mode automatically.
  • Battery-Check Circuit built-in.
    Turn the power switch on ( by selecting ''FM' or ''SSB'' position ), and the level meter indicates
    the battery condition with power voltage for a few seconds.]

  • High - 45dB
  • Low - 35dB
  • Manual

    Dual Microphone Connectors Output:
  • Output A 8 Pin Standard Microphone Plug
  • Output B 8 Pin Standard Microphone Plug
    Front panel switch controlled.

    Meter - Dual Display
  • VU (Volume Unit)
  • Battery Indicator
  • 1-1/2" H x 2" W

    Buttons :
    Output Select ~ [Out A] [Out B] [Out-Off]
    Compression Level ~ [High] [Low] [Manual]
    Manual Compression Control Knob [Minimum] ~ [Maximum]
    Mode ~ [SSB] [FM] [Battery-Check]
    Channel Control Switch ~ [Up] [Down]
    Key Controls ~ [PTT] [Lock]

    Output Voltage:
  • Amplification - 0.3mv (Lapse)
  • Variable Amplification: 0-70mv(Lapse)

    Output Resistance:
    500 W ~ 100k W

    Batteries Required:
    3 ~ AAA: Not Included
    Only one mic cord is included, additional one can be purchased


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