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Maco Alpha V 5/8 Base Antenna

Maco Alpha V 5/8 Base Antenna
Brand: Maco
Product Code: M00-05140
Price: $99.99
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8 reviews   Rating: 5/5.
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Maco Alpha V 5/8 Base Antenna

Seamless Aircraft grade aluminum, 5db gain, 1.5 maximum SWR, 1500 Watts

  • Power handling
  • Height: 16-1/2' to 20'
  • Includes a Ground radiator
  • Tunable from 26-46 Mhz

| 8 reviews
To me this is the best Ground Plane antenna ever made. I put my Imax-2000 on my garage station and the V58 on my main Base Station and have not had any problems with it. No Wind, no rain, or snow has stopped me from transmitting on this antenna. I have put up to 3500 PEP watt in it and it is still going, the only mod I did was change he copper wire to No.10-Teflon wire. This antenna just works and I don't have to mess with at all, good job Maco! Thanks! Tech-Nine.
| 8 reviews
I received this antenna a couple days ago and forgot how light this thing is made very well receive and transmit is good on it and it is also really big to buy other than that I am satisfied with it thank you copper and maco. 73s 361 east texas
| 8 reviews
This is a very well constructed antenna, have not seen many antennas like this since the late 1970's in terms of being a 5/8 wave well constructed with some good ground plain radials. If you want a good antenna for the price then this is it. It will last you most of your life and maybe on-wards to the next generation. The power handling capability is sufficient for what most of us will ever use. Beats an Antron hands down! And for nearly the same price. I especially like the feed point matching network. Its an awesome antenna!
| 8 reviews
I bought this antenna back in 1991. it survived two hurricanes. I have never had any problems with it. its my # 1 antenna. i well buy another one and keep it as a replacement if this one ever fails. but i have a feeling that my son well get it. this is the best antenna you can buy. it might not be the best looking one but i well take performance over looks any day. you got a good thing going MACO. Keep making them please. And COPPER keep saleing them.
| 8 reviews
I got a Maco Alpha about 4 weeks ago iput it up @ 21 feet up.tell you what its a great antenna i tune it on 10-15 and 20 meter works great if you dont have one get this antenna 73 de ke7nec Joe texas

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