Breaking up

is hard.

If your CRM isn't making your job easier or adding that spice to your life anymore, maybe it's time to try something new.

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Good news: breakups don't have to be painful.

Copper is the #1 CRM for G Suite, recommended and used by Google. It's designed to look like and natively integrate with Gmail, which means it automates up to 90% of boring, tedious data entry.

Not only will you get a $50 Amazon gift card just for taking us for a test drive, you'll also get to experience a CRM that:

  • Lets you and your team spend more time on building relationships instead of data entry
  • Has pretty much no learning curve
  • Works instantly, with a beautiful user experience
  • Is designed to manage any relationships
*The offer is non-transferable and only one gift card offered per company, per completed demo. Offer only valid for companies with 50 employees or more.


Say goodbye to your old CRM.