Opportunity generation software

Want an easier way to create and define a process for guiding opportunities through the sales cycle until they close? Meet Copper’s opportunity management software.

  • Guide sales reps to close a deal, every time
  • Give leadership a better view into the deal pipeline
  • Keep deals moving forward toward the finish line
opportunity management opportunity management software

Automatically track every opportunity.

In order to turn sales opportunities into customers, you must accurately track all the details. Lucky for you, Copper automatically updates contact info, tracks emails, logs activity, and more so reps will always have all the information they need to work the deal at any stage. Plus, teammates can easily jump in and get up to speed on the account without the time-consuming knowledge transfer.

Monitor deal progress with visual pipelines.

Clearly see what deals are in which stages, get important deal details, notice gaps in the funnel, and identify stagnant or at-risk deals. Copper helps you track leads that become sales opportunities with visual drag-and-drop pipelines that give you a clear view of your entire sales process and funnel.

Reports that quickly identify bottlenecks.

Copper provides sales opportunity reports, pre-built dashboards, and analytics that give sales leaders a real-time view of how well each deal is doing so they understand where they need to jump in to help. After all, it’s easy to win more deals when you have the data to identify red flags and make fast decisions.

Better opportunity management starts with Copper.

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