Pipeline reporting made simple.

It’s easy to get a complete, accurate view of your sales opportunities and funnel with Copper’s pipeline reporting software.

  • Know if your sales pipeline is growing or shrinking
  • Understand monthly and quarterly sales trends
  • Get real-time reports on sales performance

Don’t guess where deals are in the funnel. Know.

Copper pipelines show you where deals are in your sales process on a visual board so you can easily identify risks, see where deals are stalled, and know if it’s competitive. In one click, you can drill down into each deal to see the details of any opportunity, accelerate the deal process, and push the opportunity across the finish line.

Pipeline review meetings have never been easier.

Copper pipeline reports make it easy to get the answers to key sales questions that you’d normally have to piece together through different sources and tools. Sales activity, committed and blocked deals, sales forecast, lead generation activity—you’ll always have an accurate view of your sales funnel without having to pull endless reports.

Be an awesome sales leader.

It’s easy to coach your team to success when you can monitor sales activity in real-time. Copper’s pre-built dashboards give you an up-to-the-minute account of calls made, emails sent, demos set, deals closed, opportunities pushed out, and more. Set goals by rep, team, and territory and use leaderboards to encourage friendly competition to achieve your targets.

Accurate pipeline reporting starts with Copper.

Get a free trial of Copper and see how easy pipeline reporting can be.