Meet Copper

Not today,
turkey coma.

If you need to be more productive, manage a ton of contacts, or close sales, then you need to try this CRM.

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A better way to be productive (and get more customers) in 2020.

Never drop the ball again. Copper automatically logs your emails, meetings, and tasks to each contact so you know exactly when to follow up and what you need to do next for customers and leads.


More productivity, less chaos.

Whether you’re still in the throes of a turkey coma or just really busy, it’s helpful to have reminders about meetings and tasks. Your to-dos are auto-populated into your calendar by Copper so you never miss a beat or follow up with customers and leads.


Every email, file, task, and meeting in one place.

Know every contact and deal like the back of your hand. Your messages and past interactions are automatically attached to the right record so you can access it quickly in Copper. No more endless searching for what you need!


One tool to rule them all.

Selling multiple products or services? You can create and customize a unique pipeline of sales stages for each one in Copper—and manage your communications and tasks too. This helps you follow a repeatable and tight process to close more deals (with less effort).

Be ready for 2020

Beat the turkey coma
before it beats you.

Get more organized with Copper before you get distracted by sweet, sweet turkey leftovers.

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