automate your process

Take the busywork out of your day

Stop doing repetitive admin work. Copper's automations take care of tasks like logging calls, meetings, tasks and activities, attaching files and more.

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Get more done—by doing less.

Spend your time on the tasks in your selling
process that are actually valuable.

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You set the rules, we’ll do the rest.

Smart workflows allow you to set the rules that tell Copper to do tasks for you. From automatically creating tasks, to updating contact profiles or changing deal statuses, all you have to do is choose a trigger, and Copper will do the rest.

Scale your communications with a personal touch

Improve your communication consistency and save time with email templates, merge fields, automated nurture sequences and follow-ups. Send emails automatically based on account status, website engagement and more.
How to add new contacts directly from Gmail and Calendar

Automatically surface important customer files

No need to manually upload files — Copper automatically syncs attachments and Google docs from Gmail and Calendar. Stop worrying about your team uploading customer files; every file is accounted for and neatly organized.

You can even attach files to emails from Copper — and we'll make suggestions based on files you commonly send.

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Thanks to Copper, I have
a lot more time to focus on high-value work

Let Copper do the busywork.

Workflow Automation

Copper automatically assigns time-based tasks to you when leads are entered or updated.

Recurring Tasks

Create one recurring task, tell it how often to reoccur, and set a reminder relative to the task if you want a heads up when it approaches.

Alerts + Notifications

Copper sends you real-time notifications that indicate when leads or contacts need your attention.

Email Templates

Stop writing emails from scratch. Use prebuilt emails to answer frequent questions, greet new customers, or promote your service.

Suggested Contacts

Copper scrapes your email history to suggest new leads and contacts to add to the system.

Task Automation

When you update an opportunity from one stage to the next you can automatically trigger the next set of actions in Copper.

Auto-enrich records

Copper scrapes the internet for contact information, social profiles, personal interests and automatically adds it to the record.

Email + File Capture

Automatically sync emails, files and contacts in Gmail to companies in Copper - so you have the whole relationship history in one place without having to lift a finger.

Now you can do the work that matters.

Start your 14-day free trial today.

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