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Sales - 5 min READ

7 benefits of using software for scheduling meetings with qualified leads

Up your efficiency with software for scheduling meetings with qualified leads. Everything you need to know to get started.

4 min READ

Sales and marketing alignment is possible. Here’s how.

After spending a lot of time refining our internal sales and marketing coordination, we narrowed it down to 6 strategies. Give them a try.

Sales - 4 min READ

Celebrating Small Business Week 2022

Market gap? No problem. A spotlight on the wins of some of Copper's small businesses

4 min READ

Keep your calendar up to date with Google’s calendar scheduler feature

Now, clients and prospects can schedule a meeting via Google Calendar using the new Google calendar scheduler feature. Here’s how.

Sales - 4 min READ

4 Reasons to choose Copper vs. Pipedrive CRM

Looking for a new CRM and thinking about Pipedrive and Copper CRM? Here’s a closer look at how Copper vs. Pipedrive compare.

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Productivity - 3 min READ

Promoting employee engagement in a remote workforce

What we've learned while moving to a fully remote work model at Copper, and initiatives for effectively supporting remote employees.

Productivity - 4 min READ

Monday.com: Is it the right “CRM” for you?

Monday.com is best known as a project management tool, but it has some light CRM capabilities. 5 questions to ask before choosing it as your "CRM."

Productivity - 6 min READ

Jumpstart your new business with these tech tools

Choosing the right tech tools for entrepreneurs or small businesses doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Here’s our list of the technologies you need to thrive from the start.

Copper news - 2 min READ

Copper + Outfunnel Revenue marketing report 2022

Marketing and sales leaders are optimistic about revenue goals in 2022, but remote work arrangements and other issues challenge coordinated efforts.

3 min READ

Copper customers use Mailchimp CRM integration to power email marketing efforts

How Copper’s Mailchimp CRM integration helps simplify customers’ email marketing efforts as CRM software integrated with Mailchimp.

Productivity - 2 min READ

Google Calendar’s appointment scheduler is here

Google introduced a new appointment scheduling feature in Google Calendar. Learn how it syncs with Copper and which Google Workspace users can access it.

6 min READ

How to use a CRM for customer service and support

Yes, you can use a CRM for customer service and support. Learn 5 ways to use customer service CRM tools in your business.

Client success - 5 min READ

Building the Copper Community: Looking back at our first year

How Copper grew our customer community into an active forum for peer-to-peer support and user engagement.

Copper news - 2 min READ

Case study: Egan Company builds a culture of teamwork and collaboration using Copper

See how this specialty contracting firm maintains uninterrupted internal communication across 17 teams and 1,000+ employees using Copper CRM.

Productivity - 6 min READ

Top 10 best websites to hire a virtual assistant

How a virtual assistant can benefit your business — plus 10 of the best places to hire a virtual assistant online.

Sales - 8 min READ

Sales lead management solutions for small business

How can you manage your leads when you’re still small and scrappy? See how a CRM helps small businesses master sales lead management.

Sales - 5 min READ

Garden box retailer WoodBlocX overcomes setbacks to build a thriving e-commerce business

From local sawmill to regional retailer and mail-order model to e-commerce engine, this family-owned company's journey is anything but usual.

Productivity - 3 min READ

Switching from Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace: the why and how

If you’re thinking about moving your business from Office 365 to Gmail and Google Workspace, it may just be easier than you think. Here’s why.

Copper news - 2 min READ

What’s new in Copper: Mobile app, pipelines and file experience enhancements

We’ve been hard at work improving the overall user experience in Copper, including mobile app enhancements, refinements to pipelines and more.

Sales - 8 min READ

Strategic planning for nonprofit marketing and fundraising: 6 best practices

There are numerous considerations that go into creating a winning nonprofit strategic plan and nonprofit marketing plan. Here’s where to start.


Google Workspace usage is growing fast… here’s why

More companies are using Google Workspace than ever before. Let's look at why, and what Copper is doing to integrate deeply with Google.