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Strengthen your relationships & do your best work

Copper is a different kind of CRM. It’s elegantly designed for Google Workspace, so fast-moving digital agencies can build the strong relationships that lead to repeat business.
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Every little detail, 100% organized

Creative projects are complex — lots of people, lots of files, lots of opinions. Copper automatically captures and connects everything so nothing falls through the cracks and you can concentrate on creative work, not busy work.
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Up-to-the-minute insights on everybody you interact with

Copper's activity feed gives everyone on your team visibility into real-time customer and seller moments. Trust us, your account managers and deal makers will love it.
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“Copper has created transparency that has resonated throughout our entire company.”

Nicholas Markovitz

Managing Director, Creative Brands

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By The Numbers

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hours per user per week saved on manual data entry


more accurate reporting


increase in team collaboration when closing deals


faster response time to prospects and clients

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