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Keep track of every opportunity

Capture new leads and track conversations right from your inbox with Copper.

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Know what’s going on with every deal.

With Copper you don’t have to worry that you’re leaving money on the table. Don’t let a lead slip through the cracks ever again.


Never drop the ball.

Copper speeds up follow-ups with email templates and sets reminders for you to stay on top of hot deals and respond to customers without missing a beat. Say goodbye to lost deals, and hello to keeping customers around longer!
  • Personalized email templates
  • Automatically set reminders based off any trigger
  • Assign time-based tasks without lifting a finger

Make sales more visual.

Know where every lead is at in your sales process and move opportunities to the next stage using the customizable drag-and-drop pipelines.
  • Track and sort deals by their value amounts
  • Know the win probability for any deal
  • Easily see which deals are slipping
Success Story
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We were letting more than 25% of our leads slip through the cracks because we weren’t following up. With Copper, we're capturing more leads in an organized way.

Always know your next step.

Stay on top of hot deals and close them faster thanks to Copper’s recommendations, which suggest next steps based on upcoming meetings, tasks, and overdue email responses.

Know what you need to do to close deals faster.

Inactivity Monitor

See the number of days a lead has gone without a follow-up so you know when you should reach out.

Deal Length Monitor

See how long a deal has been in any stage of your sales process so you’ll know which ones are dragging and which ones are moving forward.

Alerts and Notifications

Copper sends you real-time notifications that indicate when leads or contacts need your attention.

Workflow Automation

Instead of assigning tasks manually, let Copper automatically assigned time-based tasks to teammates when leads are entered or updated.

Email Templates

Stop writing emails from scratch. With ready-to-use email templates you can answer frequent questions, greet new customers, or promote your service withjust one click.

Custom Fields

Want to track more specific data about your contacts? Add custom fields to record special details that you can use to build better relationships.

Activity Feed

See exactly what’s going on at anytime with the real-time feed of all the activities that are going on with your contacts and accounts.

Email Open Tracking

Easily monitor when a hot lead or customer opens your email so you can send timely follow-ups.

Custom Opportunity Cards

Decide what information is valuable for pending deals by customizing the visual card with critical deal information.

Turn more leads into customers.

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