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Become a Gmail wizard

Improve the consistency of your communications with custom email templates to answer frequent questions, greet new customers, or promote your services. Send emails with personalized messages to multiple recipients using merge fields.


Don't let hot leads go cold

Save more time by enrolling your prospects in automated nurture sequences and follow-up communications. You can send emails automatically based on their account status, website engagement, and more.

Understand your prospect's journey, and focus on your most engaged leads.

Learn what your prospects are looking at on your website and where they came from, then collect their contact information through web form integrations. Use lead scoring to highlight which prospects are most likely to convert so you can focus on the hottest leads.


Plug into the power of LinkedIn

By connecting Copper with LinkedIn or Sales Navigator, you can add new prospects to Copper in one click. You can also sync direct message interactions to a contact record in Copper, so you never miss important context with your relationships.


Copper fits inside your marketing tech stack

Already have a favorite marketing and sales automation tool? No problem! With Copper at the center, you can sync your contacts with the rest of your marketing tech stack.

Feature Breakdown

Bulk email

Send emails with personalized messages to multiple recipients from your own Gmail account.

Email sequences

Automate your nurture and follow-ups with drip campaigns. Trigger emails based on Copper fields, website engagements, and more.

Web forms

Integrate Copper with popular web forms such as Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, Elementor, Wix and WordPress.

Web tracking

Once prospects fill out the form on your website, Copper will show you where they came from, and which pages they engaged with.

Email templates

Stop writing emails from scratch. Use prebuilt templates and share with your entire team to speed up your correspondence.

Marketing automation

Integrate Copper with your preferred marketing and sales automation tools like, Mailchimp, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, and more.

Merge fields

Speed up your emails by adding merge fields that bring in names, emails, phone numbers and other custom fields.


Add LinkedIn or Sales Navigator prospects to Copper with 1-click, and sync all direct message conversations.

Lead scoring

Automatically calculate a score for prospects based on email engagement and web visits, then focus on prospects most likely to convert.

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