Never draft the same email more than once.

Sending the same prospecting, follow-up or referrals emails repeatedly? With Copper, you can write an email once and turn it into a template. Either create a template for your own personal use, or make it available to everyone on your team to save time exponentially. Plus, it’s easy to personalize any message with merge fields that map to any field in Copper.

Create automated email nurturing campaigns

With Copper Email Sequences you can send email campaigns to your Contacts to onboard new users, nurture existing leads and automate your email marketing. Send personal-looking emails for the highest deliverability, or use custom HTML for richer looks.

Extend your reach by sending bulk emails in Gmail.

Need to reach out to a big list of prospects or customers? Our bulk email feature allows you to send the same email to a group of people without losing the personal touch. By sending emails in bulk, you’ll save tons of time and still maintain high-quality personalized messages. You can even track engagement right in Copper so you know how many people have received, opened, and read your email.

Email smarter and faster with Copper today.

Give Copper's email automation a try and put an end to the copy/paste struggle.