Email tracking software

Copper's email tracking software sits right in your Gmail account so you can easily monitor mail activity, stay engaged with hot prospects, and turn more leads into customers.

  • All your email engagement tracked in one place
  • Real-time alerts when your emails are opened
  • Personalize lead outreach at scale
  • Improve lead-to-opportunity conversion rates
email tracking email tracking software

Email tracking crm that works faster (and smarter).

Copper seamlessly integrates with Gmail and captures emails without you doing a thing. Its smart email-tracking tool notifies you when prospects open, click, and engage with your emails so you know exactly when and how to follow up. It's never been easier to convert leads to opportunities.

Track email engagement right from Gmail.

Don't leave your inbox to manage engagement-Copper's Chrome extension allows you to track customer emails, calls, files, meetings, and more right from Gmail. . Because all of your email conversations are auto-logged in Copper, you will never have to worry about manually updating your CRM again

Get instant alerts on email activity.

Ever wonder if leads are actually reading your emails? With Copper's email open tracking tool, you'll know right away thanks to real-time notification alerts that are sent as soon as an email is opened or clicked. Reps will be able to follow up consistently in a timely manner-no more lost opportunities to close in on hot prospects.

Send a lot of email campaigns. At once.

Copper allows you to send personalized emails to different segments straight from your CRM, making it a whole lot faster and easier to prospect. With pre-made templates and merge fields, you'll not only significantly reduce the amount of busy work needed to write one-off emails, but also maintain high-quality personalized communication at scale.

Stay informed with a real-time activity tracker.

Copper tracks emails, calls, meetings, demos and calendar events all in one activity feed so you can get a granular view of content your prospects are engaging with and activities your reps are doing.

Ready to take email tracking to the next level?

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Real time notifications

Email tracking minus the clunkiness.

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