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Copper is the crm that supercharges your lead generation efforts by allowing you to capture, nurture, and convert more leads to customers, right from Gmail.

  • See all lead interactions in one place
  • Keep high-quality leads engaged
  • Track effectiveness of lead campaigns
  • Work leads from a smart mobile app
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Lead generation has never been easier.

Every business investing dollars into generating sales leads needs a streamlined way to capture those prospects, and every qualified lead who are interested in your product or service. Thanks to lead gen software, Copper helps you create a better lead engagement process so you can move those leads through the sales pipeline faster.

Capture every lead detail automatically.

With Copper and the lead gen tool, it's easy to capture leads through your marketing campaigns, website, email conversations, or just import a list. Once you have leads in Copper, the contact details, email history, rep activity, and more will be tracked in real time through lead generation software, so you can focus on qualifying and moving the lead through the funnel rather than managing the busy work in your CRM.

Move leads forward with nurture campaigns.

Once your leads are captured and organized through the lead gen software and tool, you can start nurturing them with email campaigns. In Copper, the lead generation tool makes it simple to create different lead views and build custom lists to target specific leads. You can use premade templates and the bulk mail feature to send to hundreds of leads and customize the message with merge fields to make sure you're personalizing every interaction with the marketing tool.

Measure the ROI of your campaigns.

Real-time sales reporting, through lead gen, makes it easy to see how your marketing efforts are doing. Since lead generation can be used as a marketing tool, use ready-made dashboards and reports to monitor lead volume, understand conversion rates, and know exactly which sources are driving the most profitable sales for every sales lead.

Powerful integrations make lead generation even easier.

Capture social media leads

For social media and the lead generation tool, Copper's Facebook Lead Ads integration creates new contacts for anyone who responds to your lead ad form on Facebook.

Create leads from forms

Copper integrates with WuFoo forms so new leads are automatically added to your crm when prospects fill out a form on your website, including on your landing page, because of the lead generation tool.

Connect With Google Sheets

Our Google Sheets integration lead generation tool automatically adds and updates leads from your spreadsheet right to Copper's CRM.

Because you have leads to close.

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We’ve engaged valuable prospects who otherwise could have remained out of reach.
CMO, LumApps

Better lead generation for relationship teams.

Auto-fill lead details

Copper scrapes the internet for contact and company information, social profiles, and personal interests-and automatically adds it to the record.

Automatic email capture

Copper automatically syncs emails and contacts in Gmail to our CRM without you having to lift a finger.

No more data entry

Copper finds new leads and populates full contact details for you, so you can add info in one click instead of typing everything out.

Workflow automation

Have your leads or opportunities been updated? Our lead tracking software will know to assign time-based tasks to your teammates.

New lead recommendations

If you need some ideas for new leads, or generating leads, Copper can scrape your email history to suggest new sales leads and contacts to add to the system throughout a marketing campaign.

Segmentation tags and filters

Use tags to segment your leads and contacts for additional tracking capabilities and even more context on accounts.

Real-time alerts and notifications

You'll always be in the loop with live updates and alerts that let you know when leads and deals need attention.

Gmail Chrome extension

Add leads, update opportunities, reference account history, and close deals from a panel right in Gmail or your inbox.

Calendar integration

Schedule and manage your meetings with leads right from Copper. Helpful for generating leads.

Email marketing templates

Standardized email templates through marketing automation, with merge tags to send one personalized message to multiple recipients at once during your marketing campaign.

More than a CRM

Lead generation minus the headache.

Try Copper for yourself with a free 14 day trial!

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