Plan ahead, effortlessly.

Accurate forecasting is an essential part of sales planning and sales organization, yet most sales opportunities never close at the amount or in the timeframe expected. Forecasting, is typically unreliable, time-consuming, and filled with spreadsheet nightmares. Not anymore.

Accurate data means accurate forecasting.

Rolling up a forecast for a sales organization is a tedious and error-prone weekly activity-and doesn't always portray what's happening on the sales floor. Without accurate data, including sales analytics and sales activity, you can't deliver an accurate forecast. Copper's zero data technology inputs all activities and changes in the deal status so you get live opportunity data that you know is accurate.

Forecasting in CRM doesn't have to be complicated.

Say goodbye to spreadsheet wrangling. Think of Copper's out-of-the-box forecasting reports as a roadmap to a reliable sales outcome for monthly sales. Copper's forecasts are simple and intuitive so you can drill into each deal to see different deal stages and weighted forecasts. It's never been easier to monitor the health of your business, plan ahead for future quarters, and manage the next steps for each opportunity.

Better sales forecasting enables better performance.

Need to check how closely a rep's forecast aligns with their final bookings? Copper's built in sales forecasting allows you to see individual deals from each salesperson by stage, amount, and win probability right from the reports. Not only does it help hold sales reps accountable, it also lets you see their progress in real time and improve their accuracy over time for seasonality. Know which reps are on track to beat their targets for actual sales and which aren't, so you can help them hit quota.

Start forecasting with confidence.

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Because Accuracy Matters

Sales forecasting minus the guesswork.

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