Sales management software

Sales management tools, automation, and insights that grow your business.

  • Never let deals fall through the cracks
  • See which leads convert to maximize your budget
  • Increase sales performance with accurate data
  • Improve conversion rates to grow revenue
Sales Management Software

Sales CRM management has never been easier.

No matter the size of your company, all sales teams share a common goal: to close more deals, faster. Copper's sales management software gives you the power to drive seller productivity, reduce repetitive busy work, and optimize workflows so you can speed up sales cycles and increase close rates.

Visualize your sales management process.

Copper's visual sales pipelines allow you to effortlessly manage and track opportunities from lead to close so you can see which leads turn into opportunities and can quickly identify sales activity bottlenecks, so you never let deals fall through the cracks.

Accelerate sales rep productivity.

Copper is the CRM software that helps you focus on what matters most: building relationships with customers and closing deals. With zero data entry, automated workflows, easy team collaboration, and an intuitive mobile app, your team will focus on closing deals, not busy work and data entry.

Make smarter sales decisions.

Copper's dashboards, reports, and sales forecasting tools deliver robust revenue analytics that give you visibility into your entire sales funnel in real time.

Supercharge your sales management and close more deals.

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Sales management minus the headache.

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