Task management software

Managing your to-do list with Copper is simple: leave your task management and busy work to us, and focus on your relationships instead.

  • Prioritize, manage, and assign tasks with ease
  • Create and assign time-based tasks without lifting a finger
  • Improve team collaboration when working deals
  • Remove manual data entry from task management

Task management has never been simpler.

Copper makes it easy to log completed tasks and assign next steps to your team to keep relationships moving forward. Set one-off reminders to follow up after an initial meeting or recurring reminders to pull a report. The best part? Our seamless integration with Google Calendar syncs all your tasks to your calendar so nothing slips through the cracks.


Your to-do list simplified, automatically.

Copper automatically creates and assigns time-based tasks when changes are made to a record or if too much time has gone by without activity. It’s like having your own personal assistant: Copper reminds you to send a welcome email when a person is converted to a current customer, make a phone call each time an opportunity moves stages, or create an RFP each time a new lead is created. Whatever the critical next steps in your workflow may be, Copper sets the tasks that need to happen.

Task Alerts Lead Tracking

Let’s streamline the way you log tasks.

When you mark a task complete, you have the option to immediately log the activity with one click in Copper. All tasks that you complete and log as activities will show up in the activity log for the task-related record and on the “activity by user” report. It’s so easy to make sure your activities are being recorded, you’ll look like a super-productive machine.


Set yourself up for task success with relative reminders.

Relative reminders allow you to set alerts about tasks that are coming up so you’re prompted to take action when you need to. Set a notification 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, or any amount of time before the task is due to be reminded of it. With automated reminders like these, you can easily stay on top of your to-do list and never miss a follow-up or action item. After all, consistency is the key to establishing trust and credibility with your customers.

Managing sales tasks has never been easier.

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Success story
Account owners are reminded to complete a specific set of tasks for each stage of the opportunity as soon as they advance a deal. Before, it was just too chaotic and easy to forget about things because we weren’t consistently tracking each stage of the process.
Jillian WoltzSales Coordinator, Jeni’s Ice Cream

The task management crm that every relationship team needs.

Task notifications

Get actionable reminders delivered right to your inbox when tasks are upcoming or due

Mobile apps

With all your tasks front and center on your phone, you can complete your to-do list even while you’re away from your desk.


Track project tasks and details from end to end to collaborate seamlessly and deliver work on time.

Gmail Chrome extension

Track and manage calls, emails, meetings, and follow-up tasks from a panel right in Gmail or your inbox.

Google Calendar integration

Connect your Google Calendar with Copper and sync all your tasks to your calendar. When they’re front and center, nothing slips through the cracks.

Task reporting

Quickly filter through tasks by owner, due date, opportunity, status, and more for a consolidated view of your team’s tasks.

Stay on top of your tasks

Task management minus the manual work.

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