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Accurate data from lead to close.

Copper gives you real-time insights to help you close more deals.

Reports you’ll actually use.

Copper’s native G Suite integration automatically captures all of your data so you get reports you can act on, not just send to your boss.

Pipeline management
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Deal Management

Never drop the ball.

Copper’s multiple and customizable pipelines allow everyone in your company to track deals in real-time.

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Stop the forecasting guessing games
Forecast management

Stop the forecasting guessing games.

Built-in sales forecast reports display potential revenue by expected close date so you can keep a pulse on your pipeline, plan ahead and course correct.

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Make everyone a decision-maker

Slice numbers your way
Advanced Reporting

Slice numbers your way.

Custom fields and pipeline filters let you instantly customize your data so you can see and use it how you want to (not how we think you should).

Put sales data to work
Data Studio

Put sales data to work.

Join data from multiple sources with our Google Sheets add-on and Data Studio integration.

Data Studio Integration

Coach with confidence


Show top performers by revenue, pipeline, meetings set, calls made, and emails sent.

Goal Setting

Set and track individual and team goals to monitor progress and course-correct quickly.

Real-time Alerts

Task reminders delivered right to your inbox so you’ll never miss a step with a lead or deal.

Google Sheets

Take action with insights using our Custom Report Builder that connects directly to Google Sheets.

Performance Dashboards

Give every team member quick insight into sales performance, lead source and pipeline created.

Activity Reports

Gain insight into team productivity and learn what actions led to closed business.

Win more, together

Sales Forecasts 40%

More accurate

Response Time 36%

Faster response time

Reduce Time 13

Hours saved on manual data entry

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