5 powerful Reports templates to use in Copper

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Author photo: Andrew Suh

Andrew Suh

Product Manager

The latest stats tell us that employing a CRM can boost conversion rates by up to 300% and increase revenue by as much as 41% per salesperson. It’s not that CRMs unlock some secret profit portal or anything like that … but the power really lies in CRM reporting.

CRMs like Copper not only make maintaining customer relationships easier, but they allow you to see instant, pertinent insights and data on the entire sales pipeline and organization. These reports can be game-changers.

Our new Reports feature allows you to harness the power of CRM reporting to help you make more intelligent decisions, faster, and drive growth and collaboration in your business.

CRM reporting: How to use Reports in Copper CRM

We’ve always had a built-in Reports feature that allowed you to set up dashboards with KPIs, metrics, charts and graphs. But we’ve taken it to the next level.

Now, with Copper Reports you can:

  • Get access to dozens of templates, so you’re ready to rock right out of the box
  • Report on anything you want to report on (cross record report on any field)
  • Get advanced reporting features (including custom fields and insight creation)
  • Schedule, send and automate your reports to any user, whether or not they have a Copper account

CRM reporting with Copper allows you to read your business like a book and keep your team accountable and productive. With Copper Reports, you get real business insights in minutes, allowing you to move faster and stay responsive and agile based on what the data is telling you.

Let’s take a few minutes to check out some of the powerful insights you can gain with Copper reports.

5 potent insights to use right now

Copper offers a whole host of sales pipeline reports and profitability reports to get both in-depth and high-level looks at your KPIs and profitability metrics.

But today, we’ll talk about five specific insights you can use inside of Copper to set yourself up for long-term success.

1. Opportunity Pipeline

For most organizations, it’s all about the leads and the top of the funnel. The total opportunities report shows you exactly how the top of your funnel is doing. It’s important to have a clear view of how many opportunities your company has coming in all the time. If they’re low, it’s a good indication that your marketing efforts need some work.

Hints for making the most of this report: Consider looking into the value of your opportunities as well to really get the whole picture. It’s one thing to know you have leads coming in, but you can really make this data come to life when you start to drill down even further to differentiate good opportunities from poor ones.

2. Forecasting KPIs

If anything’s certain these days, it’s that absolutely nothing is certain. That’s why the sales forecasting report should be a go-to report for any organization. Sales forecasting can help your company prepare and course-correct to stay on track.

This report is ideal for sales managers who want to get a good look at the value of their won opportunities. Within this report, you can easily see:

  • What you’ve already won
  • Which opportunities are still open
  • What you need to close to hit your goals
  • Opportunities by owners

Overall, this report gives you a good idea if you’re poised to hit your end-of-month goals.

Hints for making the most of this report: Be sure to look at your opportunities by owners, too. This is a terrific way to see who’s hitting the mark and who needs a little help closing their deals. These types of high-level insights allow sales managers to predict and autocorrect before the end of the month. Also, keep in mind, sales forecasting can be incredibly helpful but often requires honesty from your entire team. Team members must know when a deal is lost, report it in the forecast, and keep moving forward. With sales forecasting, transparency matters.

3. Sales Lost and Abandoned Report

We all want to focus on our wins, but you also have to dig into your losses. This report is excellent for looking at your lost and abandoned opportunities, and more importantly, why they happen.

This report breaks down losses by the number of losses, percentage of losses and the reason the deal was lost. Plus, the total value of the losses.

You can get even more detailed and see at what stage the loss happened and which salesperson was responsible for each loss. Plus, it shows you how much loss and abandonment is happening in each pipeline.

Hints for making the most of this report: If you want to increase retention and reduce churn, you need to spend a bit of time in this report. If you analyze each data point, you can easily develop a strategy to keep more opportunities alive. The reasons you’re losing opportunities will inevitably have a clear correlation with customer churn, too. Looking at why you’re losing opportunities can also provide insight into why you’re losing current customers.

4. Sales Performance Report

The sales performance report gives you a general overview of how your sales team is doing. It’s similar to your opportunities report, but it’s a bit more detailed. In this report, you get a complete overview of Sales KPIs, including:

  • Win opportunity count
  • Win opportunity value
  • Won average opportunity size
  • Opportunity count win rate
  • Opportunity value win rate

You can also break metrics down by the owner, pipeline and source, giving you an excellent bird’s eye view of what’s happening with your sales department.

Hints for making the most of this report: Figure out the conversion rates for various stages in the pipeline to get an accurate view of what’s working and what isn’t. Look into average conversion rates for individual sales members, too. When it comes to your sales performance report, the more granular you can get, the more helpful the CRM analysis will be.

5. Source Performance Report

This will be a go-to report for your marketing team. The source performance report tells you exactly how you’re getting your opportunities and how they’re performing.

You can see the total opportunity count, won opportunity count, and the conversion rate for each opportunity source. This is a fantastic way to see if that new email campaign is bringing in any quality opportunities or if your social media initiatives are worth all the work.

Sales and marketing alignment is always a struggle, and this report is a great way for marketers to see what’s working for the sales team and what isn’t – without butting heads! Source performance reports can be especially beneficial for remote teams to stay connected and communicative about opportunities – and we’re all about keeping teams connected here at Copper.

Hints for making the most of this report: Listen to the data. As humans, we’re incredibly loss averse. It’s the reason we stay in bad relationships and hold onto marketing plans that aren’t working. It can be hard to let go of that Google AdWords campaign your team has painstakingly built over the last 6 months, but if the report shows you’re getting tons of opportunities and no conversion – it’s time to invest in other avenues.

Using CRM reporting and CRM analysis to build better customer relationships

Better reports and better insights are the secret sauce for helping improve relationships and drive growth. These five insights are just a few of the CRM KPIs you have access to in Copper CRM. Harness the power of CRM reporting to build better customer relationships and keep growing your business.

Find your super power and try Reports now.

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