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Copper + Square integration for simplified invoicing

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Author photo: Carrie Shaw

Carrie Shaw

Chief Marketing Officer

CRM integrations to accounting and payment processing tools are a simple way to streamline the invoicing and payment process for your team. We’re always working to develop new native integrations to more powerful tools that will make our customers’ lives even easier—which is why we’re thrilled about our recently released Copper + Square integration (happy dance!).

This integration is a game-changer for Copper customers who are already on the Square platform. And really, it just helps make business processes easier for all involved.

Believe it or not, many companies still rely on manual invoicing to collect payment from customers. And while digital invoicing systems have made it much easier than it used to be, it can still be a time-consuming and cumbersome task.

We wanted our native Square integration to help Copper users bring their entire team together with automatic information sharing and simplified invoicing capabilities.

So, we teamed up with to bring you this powerful integration, which not only increases internal communication but also helps you take care of your customers and get paid faster, too.

The problem with traditional invoicing

To this day, accounting departments often have to manually re-enter information from their CRM into the client invoice. This isn’t just time-consuming for the accounting team, but it can also slow down the payment process, which can aggravate customers. No one wants that.

Plus, with traditional invoicing, the sales department has no insight into the financial side of things, making forecasting even more challenging than normal. There’s also no way for the sales team to know which customers are and aren’t paying, which can lead to some obvious issues.

Siloing the accounting department team and activities can lead to many inefficiencies and frustration for everyone. That’s where Square Invoices and our new integration comes in handy.

What is Square Invoices?

Square Invoices is a platform where you can send invoices in seconds and track payment status in real time. The software handles email reminders, so your accounting department doesn’t have to worry about chasing unpaid invoices.

The Square system takes payments 24/7/365, so your customers can pay whenever from wherever. Square Invoices accepts credit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, ACH bank transfers and more. They can also pay in person, giving your customers plenty of options.

Square Invoices also saves card and bank account information for automatic billing and helps manage cash flow for the lifetime of an invoice. You can easily schedule multiple payments and set up complex situations, allowing you to cater to all your customers with ease.

Square has no monthly fees, just processing fees for cards and ACH transactions. Sounds pretty swell, right? Well, it’s even better when it’s integrated with Copper.

Introducing the Square Invoices + Copper integration

When you integrate Square with Copper your old invoicing problems disappear. This is the first Square-approved CRM integration, and it’s pretty powerful.

With this integration, your team can get a complete view of the relationship history of each of your customers—including their payment and financial history. You’ll also be able to send invoices from a single view in Copper.

No more unnecessary double entry for your accounting team. They’ll have the same access to rich customer data when creating invoices that all your team members have. Plus, with Square’s efficient platform, your accounting team can quickly build and send invoices right inside Copper, saving valuable time.

This quick invoice turnaround time is great for customers, too. No one likes waiting around to access services or products because of accounting delays. With Square’s payment options, your customers can pay in whichever way is most convenient, getting you paid faster.

Additionally, your sales teams have a window into the financial piece, opening up some very useful and exciting possibilities.

For instance:

  • Your sales teams will know which customers are dragging their feet, so they can be sure not to sell to them again until they pay. Or perhaps, they might take another approach and nurture them a bit more to increase loyalty and urgency.
  • Your team can see which customers are big spenders from the jump, which allows you to choose the right team member for the job.
  • Your sales leaders get a birds-eye-view of actual cash flow, making sales forecasting much more accurate.
  • Your entire team gets an accurate real-time look at the health of the business.

This seamless syncing and visibility of your accounts receivables and your customer data by everyone ultimately leads to a more efficient and happier team. As the relationship-centric CRM, this fits right into our mission of helping you build better relationships with your customers and your in-house team.

Getting started with the new Square integration

Here at Copper, we’re constantly developing new integrations to better meet our customers’ needs. This new Square Invoices integration is easy to implement and free for Copper CRM customers—try it out now.

Not a Copper CRM customer yet? Try us free for 14 days.

Try Copper free

Instant activation, no credit card required. Give Copper a try today.

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