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Introducing the Copper Chrome extension in Google Calendar

Our Google integration just got better

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Author photo: Andrew Suh

Andrew Suh

Product Manager

Work the way you want to, with confidence, speed and productivity

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve grown our Google roots even deeper; our Copper Chrome extension is now fully and natively integrated with Google Calendar. Staying organized and on top of your game throughout your daily interactions will feel a whole lot easier with Copper inside Calendar and Gmail — so you can access all your CRM data directly from your go-to Google apps. Improve your core relationship-building processes without breaking your workflow while you manage the many events on your Calendar. Here's a sneak peek:

The many perks of a CRM with Google Calendar integration

This expanded integration can help you:

Find more peace of mind in your workday

We understand that the more easily you can work uninterrupted out of your Workspace apps, the better you can grow your most important relationships with less effort and more clarity. After all, you live equal parts in Gmail and Calendar —and we know how much easier managing your workday will feel when your CRM does, too.

Arrive at every meeting confident and ready to roll

Eliminate the constant need to switch tabs, screens and apps to hunt down information and materials around interactions with your prospects or customers. Our Google Calendar integration helps you feel instantly prepared, informed and organized going into your next meeting. One click will give you quick and clear access to enriched contextual information about meeting participants, related activities, notes, files and more.

Expand your network to increase your chance of winning deals — in a way that makes more sense

Growing your network and contact list within key organizations can now feel less clunky and more natural to your workflow, so you can improve your account-based marketing (ABM) efforts without skipping a beat. A summary view in Google Calendar highlights contact details for leads and clients, and you can add suggested contacts related to a particular email thread or calendar event, in just one click.

Always know what to say next

Keep momentum going after a call or meeting with visibility into the activity, notes and reminders around your prospects and customers — enabling high-quality follow ups that drive your deal cycle forward.

An integration this strong can help you bring even more organization and understanding to your relationships. With an added layer of instant and automatic organization, Copper does all the heavy lifting in the background so that you can work the way you’ve always worked: in your Workspace apps.

For more details on how to get started using Copper's Chrome extension in Google Calendar, visit this Help Center entry.

Experience Copper + Google Calendar for yourself

If you’re already using Copper, simply accept the new permissions in the Copper Chrome extension and you'll be set to work right from Calendar.

Try Copper free

Instant activation, no credit card required. Give Copper a try today.

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