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Productivity - 2 min READ

Import2 simplifies migrating your data into Copper

Use Import2 to move all historical data from your existing CRM system to Copper

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Author photo: Jan Natividad

Jan Natividad

Product Marketing Manager

We’re excited to present our integration of the month, Import2 — a one-click data migration software.

When switching to Copper from another CRM software, you no longer have to worry about losing important customer data during the migration process. CSV import tools can be confusing and, oftentimes, daunting for people without a technical background. Import2 gives you the peace of mind that your accounts, contacts, opportunities, notes, tasks and activities are transferred into Copper accurately.

Not only is importing easy with Import2, it’s also fast. Full migrations can be completed in a few hours and, sometimes, even on the same day. This allows you to get started on Copper quickly with all your legacy data already in place.

With Import2, you can:

  • Custom map fields to control what data is imported
  • Decide when you migrate to minimize impact on your business
  • Match records to avoid migrating duplicates
  • Exclude any records you don’t want to keep to prioritize data cleanliness

For more information on the Copper x Import2 integration, click here. To access this integration, you’ll need a subscription to Copper and a paid plan with Import2.

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