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Introducing Copper’s new LinkedIn CRM integration

Improving prospecting and recruiting for Copper customers

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Author photo: Katrina Oko-Odoi

Katrina Oko-Odoi

Sr. Content Marketing Manager

Let’s contemplate the beauty of a CRM that integrates well with LinkedIn. Most people already know LinkedIn as a powerful networking, prospecting and recruiting tool. But it can be challenging to keep track of those prospects and conversations once you’re off the platform.

That’s where a CRM that integrates with LinkedIn — in a truly elegant way — can come in handy. With this goal in mind, we partnered with Surfe (ex-Leadjet) to develop a native LinkedIn integration to help better serve Copper customers.

Our LinkedIn CRM integration for Copper, powered by Surfe and available now, helps Copper users easily integrate LinkedIn activities with your CRM and keep track of activities on and off the platform.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new native LinkedIn integration for Copper.

LinkedIn CRM integration with Copper: the details

Completely embedded in LinkedIn, our new favorite integration directly syncs with Copper.

As soon as you implement the integration, every profile in your LinkedIn network will display a new, purple button that says, “Add to Copper.” In one click, you can usher any contact right into your CRM — directly from LinkedIn. You can label them “person,” “lead” or “opportunity,” according to Copper’s categorization value system, in the same instant.

Previously, you’d find a prospect, search the internet to fill in their missing details, and manually enter it all into your CRM. Now, you can add the details to Copper instantaneously — including their email address (if it’s available on their LinkedIn profile).

This simple click-to-add feature saves an average of three to four minutes for each new contact.

But it's not just about contact info. You know our philosophy: A contact isn’t an opportunity; it’s the chance at an opportunity — if you forge the right relationship together. Now, you can also track all your outreach activities on LinkedIn, including messages, so you can easily save messages to your contacts in Copper.

The ability to track outreach saved one client with eight users over 100 hours in a single month. Talk about saving time... Our LinkedIn CRM integration also lets you edit Copper fields directly from LinkedIn for added ease of use.

Benefits of a CRM that integrates with LinkedIn

We’re all about helping our customers build better relationships and save time. A CRM that integrates with LinkedIn, like Copper, can help you:

Sell more

Add prospects and activities to Copper in less time than it takes to do it manually. This allows you to save time on menial tasks and spend more time making meaningful connections and closing more deals.

For instance, let’s say you found the perfect prospect for your software on LinkedIn. They’re primed and ready for a demo with your sales team right away.

Before, someone would need to manually enter all the prospect’s information and the details of the message conversation into the CRM before the salesperson could reach out.

Now, rather than manually entering everything, you can “CRM sync” with LinkedIn, and the salesperson gets all the information they need in seconds. And in sales, every second counts.

Read more about how Surfe helps you prospect faster here.

Sell better

In today’s relationship era, it’s important to really get to know your prospects as people. Incorrect or incomplete data can end up in some awkward moments. With this integration, you can quickly add complete prospect profile data and approve and amend the quality of your existing Copper records right from LinkedIn.

Imagine being on the phone with an old prospect who has been in your CRM for years. You’re having a conversation, and you ask them how things are going at their company XYZ Corporation. But unfortunately, they stopped working at XYZ Corporation a year and a half ago. How embarrassing!

Making sure all your customer information is up to date with a simple sync feature enables you to have the complete prospect picture from the very first call, leading to a stronger foundation for long-term relationship building.

Be more productive

If you’re like many companies, your team probably wastes a good amount of time on menial tasks like data entry. Now, all LinkedIn leads are already pre-filled. Plus, there’s no need to switch back to Copper to edit Copper fields. Instead, you can do everything in one place.

Think about this centrality in a recruiting scenario. Data entry can be downright demoralizing when you’re trying to find new talent.

Now, your HR team can easily add potential candidates from LinkedIn, and then keep track of them inside Copper for a streamlined recruiting process.

Track better

Sync and track all your interactions on LinkedIn, including messages — no manual note taking required.

Let’s say you work in an industry where leads are generated from lengthy getting-to-know-you chats, like consulting. You want all your conversations available in your CRM, so when you chat with your contact again, you remember the little details of your last conversation.

The problem is, having to duplicate those conversations you had on LinkedIn in your CRM can be time-consuming — so much so that you might avoid doing it altogether, which isn’t a good idea if you’re in a relationship-centric business.

This integration makes it possible to track all those interactions from start to finish inside Copper, so that you have all the important details you need to keep building rapport the next time you pick up the phone.

Choosing the best CRM LinkedIn integration

When it comes to choosing the best CRM for LinkedIn integration, there are a few things to keep in mind. Sure, we aren’t the only CRM that integrates with LinkedIn. For example, how do the Zoho CRM and LinkedIn integration or Agile CRM LinkedIn integration stack up?

Here’s the thing: many other integrations don’t connect to LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator, the version of LinkedIn built for sales professionals.

With Copper CRM, our integration is native and connects directly to LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator.

Plus, with Copper’s LinkedIn CRM integration, you can:

  • Save an average of 4 hours per rep per week
  • Experience 4X times faster prospect sourcing
  • Enjoy 0% error in data capture

Our integration is available for all Professional and Business plans, whereas other CRMs limit access to their highest tier users.

This new LinkedIn integration is just another reason why companies who love building relationships love Copper CRM. Copper customers can get started with the integration here.

Curious about Copper? Try our platform free for 14 days.

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