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18 New Features to Empower Relationship Managers

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Copper is a CRM built to help you truly build stronger relationships, not just manage records. We recently released 18 new features that make it easier for you to do just that.

Let’s walk through what’s new and learn how we’ve made CRM easier for 2018!

Workflow Improvements

1. Meeting scheduler

The amount of back-and-forth emails it takes just to set one meeting can reach levels of insanity. We’re fixing that unnecessary communication loop with our new meeting scheduler. You can send contacts your availability directly from your CRM. From that link, meeting attendees can select the time that’s best for them and with one click, poof! You’re scheduled. This means less time spent switching between programs and emailing, so you can get more done.

Our meeting scheduler is still in beta testing. If you’re interested in joining the beta, please fill out this form!

2. Categorize activities

There are a lot of different types of tasks you conquer everyday - from making a phone call to sending a reminder email to logging notes. Making the distinction between each task in Copper is now a lot easier with a drop down menu that allows you to categorize by ‘activity type.’

Have a task to make a call today? Mark that call activity done with one click once you’ve dialed!

3. Streamline activity logging

Now that you can categorize tasks as certain kinds of activities, we’ve streamlined the way you log that task as an activity. When you mark a task complete, you have the option to immediately log the activity with one click.

All tasks that you complete and log as activities will show up in the activity log for the task related record, and on the activity by user report. With how simple it is to ensure your activities are being recorded, it’ll be easy to look like an activity machine.

4. Task notification improvements

Task notifications now give you the context you need to take action right then and there. When you get a notification, the task type, which contact it’s related to, and the date and time the task is due are all included. You no longer have to go into the app to get things done, but in case you need extra context, a link is included directly to the task inside Copper.

5. Default list view

Each individual user now has the ability to set their preferred default view of lists for Opportunities, Leads, Companies, Projects and Tasks, so it’s easier to get to work immediately.

6. Recently viewed records

We’re on a mission to get rid of manual data entry and we apply that to all aspects of CRM - even search. When you click into the search bar, you will now see a dropdown of all the entities you’ve recently visited, so you don’t need to type anything to access the records you frequently visit. Now, that’s search made easy.

Data and Security Updates

7. Read-only fields

Data integrity is critical when it comes to running your business. We’ve heard this from you loud and clear and we’re excited to introduce read-only fields. This feature allows Copper admins to specify which fields can not be edited by non-admin users, so it’s easier to ensure your data is consistent and safe.

Read-only fields are currently in a closed beta, and when they are publically available, our Professional and Business customers will get to take advantage of this awesome new security feature. Keep an eye out for it soon!

8. Increased file size export

Your data is your data, so we’ve made it easier for you to export it from Copper. We’ve increased the limit on data export at one time from 25 MB up to 100 GB. Once you export your data, you’ll receive an email that includes a link to download the data file. Easy as that.

9. We’re SOC 2 certified

Ok, ok, we know this technically isn’t a feature, but we have worked hard to become a SOC 2 Certified Service Provider. We’ve always put data security first, but this just makes it official.

SOC 2 is a compliance requirement set by the AICPA for cloud based providers. We went through a rigorous audit that required us to establish and follow strict information security policies and procedures, for the security, availability, processing, integrity, and confidentiality of your data. With SOC 2, you can trust you’re in good hands.

10. Improved data filtering

Keeping your database clean is critical to running an effective CRM. To make it easier to clean up your system, you can now filter for records that have missing information. You can search for blank fields on custom dropdowns, custom multi-select dropdowns, tags, city, state, zip code fields as well as Company, Opportunity, and Projects fields.

11. Google Team Drive integration

Copper integrates seamlessly with G Suite, and we stay true to that even when they release new features, like Google Team Drive. We already integrate with Google Drive, and with this latest integration, you can relate files from your Google Team Drive to Leads, Companies, People and Projects in your CRM.

12. Zapier updates

If you use Zapier with Copper, rejoice! We’ve made two new Zaps to help you work smarter by providing additional flexibility on how you manage records in your account. These new integrations allow you to create or update an Opportunity by an Opportunity ID and relate a task to a record. That’s Zapping made easy!

Email Updates

13. Email templates in the extension

Last year we launched email templates. Since then, we’ve listened to feedback on ways we could better incorporate templates into the way you work. We have great news - you can now access templates in the Gmail Chrome extension!

We’ve heard time and time again that the Chrome extension is one of our user’s favorite Copper features, so we’ve put templates into yet another place you access Copper regularly. You’ll be writing emails directly from Gmail with no typing required.

14. Email tracking on Inbox

The ability to track engagement with your emails in real-time gives you a leg up. And now, we’ve added email tracking for users that prefer to use Google Inbox. You’ll get an alert when someone reads your email so you can easily track engaged contacts and know exactly when to follow up or continue the conversation.

Mobile Updates

15. Auto log calls on Android phones

Now, logging calls on an Android phone is easier than ever. When you enable call auto logging on your device, all calls from numbers that currently exist in your Copper account will be saved automatically. You can of course edit the call details if needed and add notes from your conversation, so no information is ever lost.

16. Visual pipeline view on our iOS app

We pride ourselves on how easy to use our CRM is, as well as being a visually beautiful system. Visually displaying data in ways that allow you to quickly make business decisions is important to the way we build our product. The visual pipeline you know and love from our web app is now available on iOS and is shown below. Download our app today to give it a try yourself!

17. Dashboard facelift for iOS app

Keeping in the vein of a beautiful system, we’ve given the Dashboard for iOS phones a facelift. When you first open the Copper app, you can quickly access all your pipelines, see your calendar for the day, suggested contacts, and all recently contacted people and companies.

18. Redesigned mobile navigation

We’ve redesigned the navigation in both our iOS and Android apps. We’ve updated them to make the pages that are most accessed on the mobile device are right at your fingertips. You’ll now see links to your dashboard, search, notifications, and a more section!

So, what are you waiting for? Start making your CRM experience even easier with these features today by logging in or starting your free trial.

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