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Revenue marketing report 2021

Survey says: Sales and marketing alignment directly correlates to revenue increase

Conducted in partnership between Outfunnel and Copper

We recently partnered with revenue marketing automation platform, Outfunnel, to explore the current state of the marketing and sales relationship in SMBs. The Revenue marketing report 2021 did find some discord and dysfunction between marketing and sales, but the outlook is a bright one. We not only found that a more seamless relationship between sales and marketing can lead to a big boost in yearly revenue, but we also take a look at the strategies and tactics that top-performing companies practice to find success.

The report examines:

  • The gist of sales’ and marketing’s attitude toward each other and how that attitude reveals disagreement and misunderstanding
  • Revenue growth amongst harmonious marketing and sales relationships
  • The role today’s tech plays in the marketing and sales process and satisfaction among users
  • The impact on revenue the COVID-19 pandemic had on business and, more specifically, marketing and sales efficiency
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