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The sales strategy guide

Want to level up your sales strategies?

Twenty years ago, having an innovative product and an enthusiastic sales rep was enough to secure commercial success. Your reps could pound the pavement or hit the phones and eventually, they would secure some sales.

But today, things are different. There's more noise than ever, and successful sales require strategy.

We embedded ourselves in some of the best-performing sales teams in the world, working to unpack their most effective sales strategies—and now we’re ready to share their secrets with you.

In this guide, we’ll tear down 10 different sales strategies, carefully dismantling each step and stage to reveal exactly what they did to drive results. You'll learn how:

  • Jonathan Dane grew his agency, KlientBoost, from launch to $1 million ARR in its first year using nothing but free advice and an outstanding cold outreach email template;
  • Michelle Hurst improved her close rate by 38% by implementing reactive trigger events;
  • Joey Wood used personalized gifts to generate more than $700,000 in pipeline for;
  • And more!
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