Sales automation software.

Improve your sales process with automated data entry and workflows.

  • Improve sales efficiency and deal velocity
  • Improve close ratio and percentage of deals won
  • Improve conversion rates to grow revenue

Auto-magical sales processes

Copper simplifies complex sales processes with customizable drag-and-drop pipelines. Create different stages by team or business line, define tasks, and automate email follow-ups to complete each stage. Reps will avoid deal-crushing mistakes and managers will get the visibility needed to coach reps to success and keep deals on track.

A complete view of every deal.

Copper’s native G Suite and Gmail integration allows you to automatically log all sales activity, giving you a complete history of calls, emails, contacts, deals, files, upcoming tasks, and meetings. Reps can organize important contacts easily and see everything related to a deal in one click.

Focus on selling, not manual data entry.

Copper puts hours back in your day by eliminating manual data entry. Add leads to Copper with a click and instantly see all contact and company details and, attachments in the record. Take the pesky task of resetting and recreating to-dos that happen on a regular basis and make it automatic.

Copper’s sales automation saves reps eight hours per week on average.

Start automating your sales process today!