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Your data is safe and sound.

We take data protection seriously, Copper’s security controls and data protection are built for businesses of any size.

DATA protection

Backed up and verified.

Copper’s data policies and procedures are externally validated—so you don’t have to take our word for it.

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The Service Organization Control

Validates that an independent auditing firm has reviewed and examined Copper’s internal controls around security, availability, and confidentiality to ensure that they’re operating effectively.


General Data Protection Regulation

A law that regulates how businesses access and process personal data for EU persons. For more information about Copper’s compliance with GDPR, visit our help center.


Privacy Shield Framework

Designed to ensure companies on both sides of the Atlantic comply with data protection requirements when transferring personal data outside the EU. Copper participates in and has certified compliance with this framework.

How we do it

Data protection is kept front and center at all times, even as Copper continues to evolve.

Vulnerability Testing

We participate in third-party vulnerability scanning and penetration tests to identify, track, and resolve any high impact vulnerabilities in the system.

User Access Management

Employee and vendor access to all customer data is tightly regulated and restricted to a need-to-know basis using role-based access controls.

Two-factor Authentication

To prevent social engineering attacks, Copper utilizes two-factor authentication before granting access to infrastructure that runs the Copper service.

Regular User Access Review

Our employee access to resources is monitored and controlled to make sure we’re always up to date with role and employment status changes.

Data Security Training

Copper provides security awareness training for all employees and requires all employess to review and sign the Employee Code of Conduct.

Data Encryption

Encryption enhances the security of a message or file by scrambling its contents. Copper encrypts your data both in transit and at rest.

Success Story
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I chose Copper because it has most of the expected modern features, integrates with Gmail and Inbox, and provides a security model that supports a complex business with multiple teams.
GOVIND DG2 Crowd Review

Safety first

At Copper, we work hard to ensure that our customer data remains private and secure. If you believe you've discovered a security vulnerability in our product, we want to hear from you.

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