3 Best Practices for Marketing Automation in 2020

3 Best Practices for Marketing Automation in 2020

For any customer obsessed organization, 2020 has become a year where personalized marketing is key to improving customer and prospect engagement.

In 2019’s Trends in Personalization Report by Researchscape International and Evergage, Inc., the majority of marketers (98%) agree that personalization helps advance customer relationships. 70% of these marketers claim that personalization has a strong impact on delivering better customer experiences, increasing loyalty and generating measurable ROI.

Sending relevant content is the key to starting conversations with your customers.

Join experts from Copper and PersistIQ to learn more about 3 Best Practices for Marketing Automation for 2020:

  • Personalization, segmentation, and targeting at scale
  • Workflow Automation
  • Training and Sales Engagement
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3 Best Practices for Marketing Automation in 2020

Join experts from Copper, PersistIQ, and Atlantic Research Group to learn more about 3 best practices for Marketing Automation for 2020 including personalization, workflow automation, and sales engagement.

Hosted By:

Olga Lykova

VP Partnerships

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3 Best Practices for Marketing Automation in 2020

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