A Real Estate Secret Weapon: CRM
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A Real Estate Secret Weapon: CRM

Your agents are crazy busy.

Juggling multiple clients and keeping track of open houses while keeping a pulse on all the properties popping up?

No wonder some agents work 80-hour weeks.

But what if you could automate your biggest time-wasters and focus everyone's time and energy on closing deals?

In this webinar, we'll show you all the ways that you can use a CRM to make your life easier. Learn about:

  • The current state of real estate (hint: it's a lot of spreadsheets)
  • Why CRM has not traditionally been used by real estate agents
  • What to look for in a CRM for real estate
  • What a new-and-improved daily workflow could look like for you

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A Real Estate Secret Weapon: CRM

Your brokerage isn’t running as efficiently as it could be. With just one piece of software, you can be more organized, get more efficient, and start closing more deals.

Hosted By:

Kyle Warren

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A Real Estate Secret Weapon: CRM

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A Real Estate Secret Weapon: CRM

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A Real Estate Secret Weapon: CRM

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