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Build Thriving Remote Sales Teams with G Suite & Copper

G Suite & Copper: Better Together.

Join this session with Copper, Google and itGenius to learn how sales leaders can enable remote teams to thrive. Expert panelists will discuss how to:

  • Leverage G Suite and Copper to support an awesome customer experience
  • Create meaningful, value-driven connections with your customers
  • Maximize every opportunity and never let a lead slip between the cracks
  • Virtualize your remote sales team’s pipeline for total visibility from anywhere

Watch now to learn how to enable your remote sales team 👉

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Build Thriving Remote Sales Teams with G Suite & Copper

Join speakers from Google, itGenius and Copper for more on how to leverage G Suite and Copper to build thriving remote sales teams.

Hosted By:

Olga Lykova

VP Partnerships

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Build Thriving Remote Sales Teams with G Suite & Copper
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