Contact management software—for every relationship.

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What if your contacts managed themselves?

Tired of looking for your contacts’ info in multiple spreadsheets, your crm, Gmail—or worse, on paper? Copper’s contact management software is integrated right into G Suite so that your leads, prospects, and customers are automatically synced between all your tools.

Gmail Detail Contact Details

Skip the data entry.

When you update your contacts’ information in Gmail, everything is automatically updated in your crm (and vice versa). Say goodbye to hours of copying and pasting.

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Made just for G Suite.

Copper works as a Google contacts manager, meaning it hooks up with your Gmail, Google Calendar, Docs, and more—all without messy spreadsheets or workarounds.

CRMs are typically too manual. This CRM allows me to easily add contacts to my CRM through my Gmail and 75% of the info is already populated.
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Gmail Detail Add Contact

Add new contacts in one click.

Want to add a new lead or prospect into your crm? Copper automatically looks for your contacts’ information on the internet and adds it to your contacts’ profiles. Yet another thing you don’t have to type out anymore.

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More than just a client database.

Having emails and numbers is fine, but a good crm can—and should—deliver more. Copper’s contact management system gives you email history, pipeline details, and other vital intel that your team needs to grow relationships.

Spend less time managing your contacts and more time talking to them.