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Looking for the best Insightly alternative?

Finally, a crm minus the manual work.

Wouldn’t it be nice if it didn’t take you five steps to update contact information? Copper is built into the tools you already use (Gmail, Google Sheets, Docs, and more) and works behind the scenes so that you barely even know it’s there. No need to copy over info from your inbox to your crm—it’s all done for you.

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Built for Gmail, recommended by Google.

Your customer interactions happen in your inbox. Copper helps you keep tabs on it all, right there. It looks and feels just like Gmail, which means you don't have to spend time learning a totally new tool.

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One calendar to rule them all.

With the Google Calendar integration, your tasks and events are automatically synced in one place. No more dropped meeting invites, no more checking back and forth to make sure your events were all synced.

I have experience with 3 other different CRM softwares, and I chose to stick to this one.. I am almost 'married' with Copper, Copper helps me make my living and generate money. It's easier than Insightly and Maximizer that are both web based too.
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Sales insights you can actually use.

Get the reports that your team needs (and will actually use). Don’t spend hours creating custom reports—Copper will do the heavy lifting for you with the Data Studio integration.

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Designed with humans in mind.

Stumbling through multiple windows and menus to get the info you want isn’t fun for anyone. It’s also just not a great crm experience. Copper’s interface is designed to be easy on the eyes—and even easier to navigate.

See why Copper is Google’s #1 recommended crm.