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Why Copper over Zendesk Sell?

Copper was built with end users in mind, giving you all of the features you need—and none of the complications.

  • All-in-one CRM without the hidden costs
  • The only CRM with a native G Suite integration
  • So intuitive, it requires little to no training
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Compare Copper vs Zendesk Sell CRM.

Try Copper, the all-in-one CRM that drives sales productivity.<br />Bonus: no add-ons that raise the cost.

Why choose Copper over Zendesk Sell?

Stop switching from Gmail to your CRM.

With full CRM functionality directly within Gmail, you’ll be able to view and update your leads, accounts, and opportunities without ever leaving your inbox. Copper can also automatically capture your emails, associate them to the right accounts, and notify you when a contact opens your email so that you can plan timely follow-ups.

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Goodbye, complex systems. Hello, sales productivity.

Copper was built to solve the actual day-to-day challenges you face while trying to sell. Yes, we’re talking about wasted time on data entry. It automatically tracks and captures contact details, email conversations, tasks, status changes, and more without you having to do a thing. No complicated bells or whistles that distract you from building relationships and closing deals.

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So intuitive, you’ll wonder where the learning curve went.

Copper was built to be user-friendly, beautiful, and easily adaptable to your processes and workflows. If you know how to use Gmail, you can use Copper. It’s so simple and intuitive, your entire team can jump right in and skip the long training sessions. Because not everyone has weeks to spend on getting learning how to use a new CRM.

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I've used Base [Zendesk Sell], Salesforce, name it. Copper is the go to…I'm not sure why you'd even consider anything else. It's just the best.
CEO at Docity

Don't pay for features you won't use.

We're the kind of CRM that gives you what you actually need.