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5 ways to use CRM and project task management for small businesses

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Author photo: Katrina Oko-Odoi

Katrina Oko-Odoi

Content Marketing Manager

No matter the size of your biz, you have a tech stack that does a lot of the heavy lifting for you. But let’s be honest: nobody wants to manage a huge list of apps and platforms to get their work done. The fewer platforms you use, the easier it is to find information, collaborate with your teammates, and save a few brain cells in the process.

Instead of parsing out your to-do lists and customer relationships, marry everything together in the same platform. Any modern CRM worth its salt also offers smart task management tools that make relationship nurturing and daily to-dos a breeze. Learn how CRM project task management tools work, why you need them and 5 creative ways to use these tools in your own business.

What is CRM project task management?

A customer relationship management (CRM) platform usually deals with external-facing tasks, like customer follow-ups or investor pitches. A CRM helps you collect, organize, and share customer data with your team as well as track all of the touch points you have with that customer. It’s a lifesaver that helps you nurture relationships at scale.

Project management apps (or PM), on the other hand, typically handle internal tasks that happen in the background. They organize all of the to-dos and task lists your team needs to accomplish to delight your customers. PM tools make your work faster, simpler and better because they clarify what you need to do, who’s responsible and the milestones for each deadline.

Plenty of organizations separate their CRM and project task management tools on different platforms. You’re free to do that, but is it really working for your business? Small businesses need smarter, more holistic solutions that make great customer service a sustainable part of your business.

CRM and project task management software blends the best of PM and CRM platforms in one integrated platform. Access all of your customer data, to-dos, recurring tasks and more without switching between different solutions—your CRM project management system handles it all.

Why do small businesses need a single CRM and project management system?

Not sure if you should make the leap to a CRM that includes project task management? Frankly, the benefits are just too juicy to ignore, especially if you’re growing a small business.

A single CRM and project management app will help your business:

  • Overcome siloes: Siloes are bad news for your productivity and profitability. Fortunately, CRM project management software gets everyone—no matter their role or team—on the same page. It’s much easier to work as a unified team when everyone shares the same process, tasks and pipeline in one platform.
  • Improve the customer experience: Customer experience is paramount. With a CRM plus project management, you cut down on miscommunications while ensuring better quality control including tracking overdue tasks, completed tasks and project status. Used correctly, this platform will help you build more rapport with your clients.
  • Save time: CRM project task management often uses the power of Kanban boards, and sometimes even Gantt charts, to make your to-dos very visual and easy to understand. It ensures you hit your internal and external deadlines, which is a great way to improve the customer experience, too. And since all of your information is in one place, your team spends less time hunting down the information they need.
  • Save money: You probably use a handful of technologies to run your biz. But why pay for two separate platforms when you can just pay for one that does everything? A CRM solution with project management helps you save more money with a single subscription.

How to use CRM and project task management for small business

There’s no need to add another tool to your workflow. Just about any business can use a CRM plus project management and come out ahead. Check out these 5 use cases to see how a project management CRM like Copper can streamline your small business.

1 - Creative agencies

It takes a lot of talent to keep a creative agency running. A CRM is great for tracking your progress with each client, but the project management side is essential for bringing all of your different teams together. You can easily pass projects between teams for real-time visibility with a project management CRM. Get marketing, graphic design and development on the same page with templated projects and to-dos that clarify your work processes.

2 - Consulting firms

You’re dealing with a lot of relationships as a consulting firm. From prospecting to managing current client accounts, your email inbox is probably pretty full. A CRM with project management makes it much easier to log customer interactions and internal tasks. There’s no need to do any data entry, either. You can even automate the handoffs between sales and account management—and the tasks for each person on the team—for seamless workflows that do more in less time.

3 - Real estate agents

A mobile-optimized CRM like Copper gives real estate agents the power to manage their calendar, MLS listings, client emails and more while you’re on the go. Assign yourself tasks for each active homebuyer in your CRM—you can even set bi-annual follow-ups with your past clients to keep the relationship going.

4 - Corporate development

B2B buyers have a longer and more complex buying process. But don’t worry: you can document the entire pipeline in your CRM with project management. See where your deals are in the CRM and assign tasks to your team based on where a lead is in the pipeline. This means you’ll be able to do outreach at the perfect moment for each lead, optimizing the customer experience while giving your employees a little breathing room.

5 - Technology

Tech is a fast-paced world; a CRM with project management helps you stay on top of your growing business. If you need to secure funding, you can track investor relationships in your CRM and assign yourself tasks to nurture those relationships. From sending pitch decks to scheduling calls, the project management side of your CRM will help you keep the ball rolling.

CRM task management and project management in Copper

Our users asked and we delivered: Copper revamped Projects in September of 2020 to include tons of helpful features. Projects combines Copper CRM with project task management tools and task lists so you can manage your work in one place. This built-in project task management tool is available to all Copper users, too. It’s the perfect antidote to bloated tech stacks and workflow headaches.

Copper CRM’s project management feature comes with smart features like:

  • Tasks: Create tasks and associate them with opportunity records. You can see which tasks are outstanding at any time, which gives you a high-level view of what your team needs to accomplish. You can also set up one-time, recurring tasks or private tasks.
  • Google Workspace integration: You don’t need to leave your Gmail account to access Copper or your to-dos. See your tasks and collaborate with other teammates directly from Gmail.
  • View options: We designed Copper tasks with Kanban-style visuals. Use the Task Board view to see which tasks you have going on as well as completed tasks, or choose The Overview option to get quick information on people, files and notes.
  • Templates: Do you complete the same processes over and over again? Instead of creating task dependencies from scratch, use Copper’s Project Templates.

Blend your CRM and project management software

Who says that customer and employee needs have to be at odds? Marry your CRM with your project management system to give customers a better experience without overwhelming your hardworking team. A CRM plus project management helps you save time, clarify your workflow and run a better business. After all, when you enable your team to do amazing work, amazing work will happen.

Ready to maximize the customer experience and your team’s productivity? Start a free trial to try out our CRM task management solution today.

Try Copper free

Instant activation, no credit card required. Give Copper a try today.

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