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Your search for a Zoho alternative is over.

Tired of buggy crm software?

There’s nothing worse than crm tools that mess up data syncs, constantly crash, and randomly delete records. Try out Copper and spend less time filling out support tickets. You’ve got work to do and relationships to build.

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A crm that’s already integrated with Gmail.

With Copper’s seamless G Suite integration, you won’t have to waste time getting set-up—your crm is already connected to the inbox, calendar, and docs that you’re using every day.

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For all businesses, from XXS to XXL.

Copper is built to scale with your business. Whether you’re managing 100 or 100,000 contacts, our crm is easy to set up—and customizable enough for even the most sophisticated enterprises.

We struggled for the past 4 years with Zoho CRM because of their bad product and even worse support. This caused a reduction in CRM adoption, which in turn hindered our ability to extract value from the CRM data. Copper improved CRM adoption a lot, and I'm confident the product will get even better over time.
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Cut the fluff from crm.

Why pay for hundreds of fancy, impractical features? Copper gives you only the useful crm essentials so that you can focus on being your most effective self—instead of wasting hours on reading instructions.

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Goodbye, data entry.

Copper automatically scrapes the internet for contact information and pre-populates fields for you. No more typing things out repeatedly, no more copying and pasting.

Copper makes crm the way it should be: simple.