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Need a complete view of your sales pipeline and customer journey with sales engagement? Copper's inside sales tool helps you track important customer data-and work opportunities for every inside sales rep more efficiently.

  • Improve sales team efficiency and productivity
  • Never let sales opportunities fall through the cracks
  • Know the path to hitting your number
  • So intuitive, the entire team will adopt it in minutes
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Managing inside sales is easy with Copper CRM.

Inside sales is tough for each inside sales rep. From finding the right prospects, to having quality conversations to closing the deal, it takes a lot to successfully turn a lead into a customer. Sales reps need a user-friendly, intuitive tool to manage deals effectively. Copper not only organizes and tracks your sales opportunities, but also automates manual data entry and repetitive tasks. More productivity, more time to sell with the inside sales tool.

Capture, convert and nurture leads.

Inside sales involves high-touch transactions with a salesperson over phone and email. Copper not only helps you capture and qualify those leads quickly, but also automates repetitive tasks and logs activity so you can effortlessly manage a high volume of leads. With email-open tracking and deal alerts, you'll be able to prioritize the hottest leads and generate pipeline faster.

Building pipelines has never been easier.

Copper offers multiple drag-and-drop pipelines that are completely customizable to your process. Drag deals from one stage to another and drill down to see interaction history and sales activities in a click. With visual status indicators, you can see the status of opportunities instantly, identify stalled deals, and see if deals are progressing. Who doesn’t love being able to forecast accurately and hitting quota?

Automate the busy work and watch the deals close faster.

Copper automates the repetitive tasks and follow-up steps in your sales process and sales cycle, so reps can close more deals, faster. With pre-built dashboards and reports, you'll have a real-time view into rep performance and what has changed in your pipeline over time. You'll basically be the best manager ever.

Because you have deals to close.

Get a free 14-day trial of our inside sales CRM, you won't regret it!

Reach more prospects

Inside sales minus the busy work.

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