Pipeline analysis software

Copper tracks, measures, and reports on your key sales pipeline metrics for marketing so you have the insights you need to ramp up sales performance, enhance every KPI, stay on target, and hit your goal.

  • Track if you have enough pipeline to hit your marketing goals
  • Look back at your pipeline over several quarters
  • Compare to historic sales performance
  • Deliver a more accurate sales forecast

Pipeline analysis has never been easier.

Managing your sales pipeline is a core component of running a successful sales team that consistently hits quota. With Copper’s pipeline analysis software, analyzing your pipeline is simple and easy. Get visibility into rep performance, monitor the health of your sales opportunities and know if you’re positioned to hit your goals.

Know exactly how your sales pipeline is performing.

Instantly see if you have gaps that might impact sales. Copper tracks where deals are in the funnel with lets you easily visualize everything with drag-and-drop pipelines. View your pipeline by sales stage, rep, deal type, revenue, or close date to monitor key deals and keep your team moving at a steady pace throughout the entire quarter.

Quickly unearth important pipeline trends.

Since building a pipeline is a long-term play, it’s important to be able to see changes and make the right strategic decisions to improve your sales process—and hit your number. Copper’s dashboards and reports compile your data for you and help you visualize trends for velocity, coverage, and ASP. That makes it easy to identify reps or conversion points in the funnel that should be flagged as at-risk.

Monitor key metrics to drive a more accurate forecast.

Will you hit your number? Copper’s built-in sales forecast reports show potential revenue by expected close date so you can keep a pulse on your pipeline, plan ahead, and course-correct for a faster and accurate forecast. Spot at-risk deals and identify misses before it’s too late.

Analyze your sales pipeline at every stage.

Never miss a deal

Do you know what percent of deals are moving through the pipeline and have a decent chance of closing? Copper tells you the win rate of each deal so you can plan ahead and make timely changes.

Seamlessly integrated

Copper is the #1 recommended CRM for Google and is the only CRM that has a native integration with G Suite. Yep, it works seamlessly with all the tools you’re already using.

Better data quality

Reps who have to spend time manually entering data miss out on selling. Copper ensures there are no gaps or inconsistencies in your sales data by automatically collecting contact info, updating rep activities, and auto-enriching data.

Start analyzing your pipeline with Copper.

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Success story
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In one easy-to-use report, I can see velocity, how fast customers are moving through our sales funnel, and how soon they are going to be real customers.
President & COO, Udacity

Make pipeline analysis a breeze.

Multiple pipelines

Build and customize multiple pipelines to manage different business processes for any team, service, or line of business.

Days in deal stage

See where deals are stalled so you can suggest next steps and keep them on track.

Pipeline analytics

Get complete summaries of your pipeline to gain insight into how sales are trending towards your goal at every stage.

Sales pipeline inspection

Monitor all your sales reps' activities and the true state of your deals so you can spend less time creating reports and more time working leads.

Pipeline alerts

Receive alerts that give visibility into which deals are stalled, moving forward or at risk of being lost.

Understand pipeline health

With Copper, you can say goodbye to incomplete data. Get accurate, up-to-date data on all your deals right from your CRM.

Opportunity management

Track deal progress with visual pipelines from lead to close.

Lead management

Manage new leads through a qualification process to build sales pipeline and win new business.

Sales dashboards

View critical sales insights with a set of dashboards that keep a pulse on sales opportunities.

Workflow automation

Automatically assign follow-up tasks based on changes to leads or opportunities.

Email open tracking

Know when contacts open your email messages so you can reach out while you’re top of mind and keep your pipeline flowing.

G Suite integration

Native integration with Google Sheets, Docs, Slides, Calendar, Hangouts, Drive and Gmail.

Automated Reporting

Pipeline analysis minus the incomplete data.

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