Sales analytics software

With Copper’s robust sales reporting and analytics, you’ll get the insights needed to make better decisions, coach your sales team to success, and grow your business.

  • Visualize your CRM data with dashboards
  • Use data to coach your team more effectively
  • Expose sales insights and track trends with one click
  • Get a complete picture of your business performance
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Sales analytics and reporting made simple.

Thanks to Copper’s powerful sales analytics tools, you can stop guessing how much revenue your sales team generated last quarter or how your pipeline is trending year over year. You’ll get accurate data, presentation-ready reports, dashboards and all the analytics your heart desires built right into crm.

Sales Analytics Pipeline Report

Pipeline analytics minus the manual reporting.

Copper’s sales analytics tools capture your sales pipeline so you can quickly analyze your data over any period of time. Copper visualizes your sales data, so it’s easy and intuitive to understand changes in your pipeline and where you have gaps, roadblocks, and potential wins.

Sales Analytics Data

Data that’s accurate and actionable.

There’s only one way to gain complete insight into your business: accurate data. Copper’s data automation technology eliminates the need for reps to manually enter sales activity, contact details, and status updates so your crm truly reflects the current state of your pipeline. Managers can make more informed decisions without hours of time wasted on data wrangling.

Sales Analytics Reps Activity Report

Know which reps and activities drive results.

Be a better coach with Copper. Our rep level dashboards, leaderboards, and reports track sales performance in real time so you can see who’s in line to hit quota (and who’s struggling). With Copper, you’ll always have a complete picture of your sales forecast, activity, and sales performance by rep, team, and region.

Total sales visibility in one succinct view.

Accurate Sales Forecasting

Copper’s built-in sales forecast reports show potential revenue by expected close date so you can keep a pulse on your pipeline, plan ahead, and course-correct.

Pipeline and Deal Reports

Slice, dice, and view the data any way you want with Copper’s custom report builder. See the metrics most important to growing your business, all from your CRM.

Data Visualization

Copper’s seamless Google Data Studio integration allows you to connect multiple data sources in one intuitive view so you can take your data to the next level. Just drag and drop to build beautiful charts and reports.

Get smarter sales analytics with Copper today.

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Success story
Sarah Gilbert
Copper gave us more transparency and visibility into our business.
Sarah GilbertDirector of IT & Operations, RHR International

Sales analysis doesn’t have to be complicated.

Visual sales analysis

Analyze and build insightful sales reports and dashboards with a simple drag-and-drop interface without the help of an admin.

Seamless G Suite integration

Add leads, update opportunities, reference account history, and close deals from a panel right in Gmail or your inbox.

Pipeline reporting

Dive deep into your sales funnel analytics to manage and optimize your sales pipeline.

Sales rep analysis

Review and analyze your sales reps activity and performance and understand what your top sales reps are doing to get the best results.

Sales forecasting

Built-in sales forecast reports display potential revenue by expected close date so you can keep a pulse on your pipeline, plan ahead, and course-correct.

Customizable pipelines

Copper offers multiple drag-and-drop pipelines that are completely customizable to your process. With visual status indicators, you can see opportunities status instantly. Need multiple pipelines for different types of deals? Copper’s got you covered.

Activity reports

Gain quick insight into team activity metrics like calls, emails, and notes to learn what actions lead to closed business in one concise view.

Goal setting

See how your sales number is tracking and where you’re going to end the quarter against your goal.

Sales leaderboards

Competition is a great sales incentive. Gamify sales analytics by using seller leaderboards to rank your top performers by revenue generated, calls made, emails sent and other metrics.

Sales data simplified

Sales analytics minus the manual work.

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