Sales funnel management software

By using Copper CRM as sales funnel software, it helps you qualify, track, and measure the opportunities in your sales funnel so you can nurture them into thriving customers.

  • Access opportunities and conversions by sales stage
  • Focus on the leads that are most likely to close
  • Drive predictability in your sales process
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Sales funnel management has never been easier.

You have a lot of leads, but are you and your CRM tool effectively moving them through the sales funnel? Your sales funnel management software should give you a visual representation of how you generate leads and nurture them through your sales process and marketing funnel. With Copper's funnel management tool, you'll drive a tight sales process, easily identify leaks in the funnel, and streamline conversions with the sales funnel builder.

Track conversions at every stage.

It's challenging to consistently collect data and measure metrics using sales funnel software and marketing automation. Copper's dashboards and reports make it easy by allowing you to track the total number of deals in your funnel, close ratios, sales velocity, average deal size, sales cycle length, and more. No more leaky sales funnels, plus you'll have a more efficient sales process for your marketing campaign if you use Copper as a sales funnel tool.

Coach sellers with real-time data.

Sales leaders are successful when they can leverage the sales funnel to pinpoint problem areas in the sales process, decipher where reps are struggling to move deals forward, and forecast accurately with the landing page builder. Copper gives you real-time performance data so you can easily do all three, instantly boosting your team's performance in the sales pipeline and marketing funnel.

Produce more accurate sales forecasts.

With Copper, you can track key information through your sales funnel builder about every deal like how long it's been in each stage and if the close date gets pushed out. That makes it easy to identify where your team, especially your primary marketer, is being stalled and forecast future opportunities in a marketing campaign more accurately.

Complete sales funnel management.

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Full funnel visibility

Sales funnel management minus the leaks.

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