Sales tracking software

Copper’s sales tracking tool automates the process of tracking new business through the entire funnel, and delivers the metrics and insights you need to close more deals.

  • Build a repeatable and scalable sales process
  • Understand where opportunities are in your pipeline
  • Identify actions that drive your deals to close
  • Win more deals with a big-picture view of customers
Sales Tracking

Track sales from lead to close.

Copper’s sales tracking software helps you define and create a process for managing your leads and turning them into sales opportunities. Our automated sales workflows and pipelines give you real-time visibility into where each prospect stands and next steps needed to close the deal. With Copper, you’ll be able to deliver a better customer experience, increase sales team efficiency, and ultimately close more deals.

Track opportunities with visual pipelines.

Copper pipelines give you a visual representation of where your leads and sales opportunities are in the funnel, and help you identify potential problem areas and follow-up actions. Create as many pipelines as you need and customize them based on your team and process. Copper will even give you alerts and visual indicators on when you should pay attention to a deal.

Streamline your sales activities.

Have everything in one place without having to do a thing—Copper automatically captures important lead data and sales activities. And say goodbye to your repetitive administrative tasks. Copper automates them for you to help boost productivity across your team and allow your reps to focus on what’s most important: building relationships and closing deals.

Powerful sales analytics for the entire funnel.

Want every detail on rep activity and performance? How about an overview of your entire funnel? Have it all with Copper’s sales tracking reports and dashboards. See where opportunities are stuck, who your top performers are, and which activities and leads drive the best results.

Start tracking sales with Copper today.

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Sales tracking minus the spreadsheets.

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