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Polymath expands customer relationships and engages new audiences with Copper X Mailchimp

Creative powerhouse improves customer nurture with personalized outreach

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Imagine an agency that offers every service you need to take your content from idea to market under one roof. That’s Polymath in a nutshell, the creative agency division of Givington's. Through design, digital, content and marketing services, Polymath’s team offers a comprehensive suite of services for content-based businesses.

With the agency growing fast, Polymath’s leaders knew they needed a powerful CRM system to help them scale with an eye on long-term customer engagement. After discovering Copper and its powerful Google Workspace and Mailchimp integrations, the Polymath team quickly jumped on board. Let’s take a look at how it all went.

Searching for a sales CRM system to help them grow

Last year, the folks at Polymath asked themselves a critical question: How can we accelerate our growth? They realized they needed a sales CRM system that would help them track relationships more effectively and optimize their existing efforts for easier scalability.

When Chandler Navarrete, Head of Creative at Polymath, discovered Copper, he knew it was the right fit. It checked all the boxes for his team’s needs, including:

With Copper, there was almost no uptime since it worked with Gmail. Plus, there were all these integrations including Mailchimp that we could use right away. We were sold.

Personalizing email marketing

Once they chose Copper, Chandler and his team were eager to get the ball rolling with account setup. Three main priorities guided their implementation process:

1. Pipeline management

Through a simple data import process, Polymath consolidated its existing pipeline of leads and deals into Copper for easy access by the entire team. Sales and marketing leaders were able to start monitoring the entire pipeline to better track deal progress and keep an eye out for possible roadblocks or delays.

2. Contact tracking and management

As one of several divisions of Givington's, keeping track of contacts within the larger company network is critical for identifying cross-selling opportunities and keeping people engaged beyond project completion. Putting a clear system into place for managing contacts helps simplify the follow-up process. Task reminders and workflow automation offer additional layers of accountability to help Polymath keep communication flowing and ensure no opportunity slips through the cracks. For example, they set up automations around task reminders like pinging an account lead to follow up if there have been no activities for 180 days.

3. Personalized email marketing

This is where the Mailchimp integration — one of the main features driving their choice of platform — comes into play. Using custom tags in Copper, Polymath is able to sync those tags to Mailchimp, where they then segment contacts and create automated drip campaigns that are triggered at different times, including:

  • A new business phase

  • At the beginning of a project

  • During a project

  • At the end of a project

  • To promote upsell opportunities and related services

The goal is to create dozens of different automated drip campaigns individualized by the Givington’s brand clients are engaged with, and based on different criteria like contact type (current customers, prospects, referrals), industry and more. This highly personalized approach has set up the team for some big email marketing wins.

No one has to think about collecting a bunch of emails and adding them to Mailchimp. In the past, people would forget and then realize, ‘no one’s been added to Mailchimp for 6 months.'

Here’s what their current setup looks like:

  1. Any new contact that’s entered in Copper is pushed into Mailchimp.

  2. Mailchimp tags the contact to the Givington’s brand that it originates through.

  3. Mailchimp then sends the contact a branded welcome email from the associated brand telling them about their monthly newsletter, and inviting them to subscribe.

Chandler’s also planning to add more email sequences, including new client welcome email series, project wrap-up sequences and ongoing nurture campaigns featuring case studies and other related content.

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Uncovering and engaging new audiences

As Chandler explains, the real beauty of Copper is in how it exposes Polymath’s services to a whole new audience. Not only does it engage people who may have been previously overlooked, but it also opens doors to new services and opportunities to further expand the existing client relationship.

Looking ahead, the Polymath team plans to workshop the additional automation flows they want to build out over the next couple months. They’ve added 1,000 contacts to Copper already, and they’re syncing more every day as other teams continue to import their contacts — meaning they’re still barely scratching the surface.

And with 1,500 contacts already in Mailchimp (some from older campaigns prior to the implementation), the anticipated benefits of using the Copper X Mailchimp integration are numerous, including:

  • Identifying and engaging a brand new audience of people who in the past would have gotten swept under the rug

  • Exposing customers and prospects to additional services they aren’t yet aware of

  • Expanding relationships with customers

As Polymath continues to grow and evolve, Chandler is excited to make use of additional features.

We’re confident that the utility of Copper will compound over time as we grow.

We look forward to seeing how Polymath's journey unfolds.

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