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QuickBooks + Copper

Transparency between sales and finance is key to smoothing out the customer buying experience. The Copper and QuickBooks integration can help with this process.


Get the complete picture of your customer, and find customer data, with their interaction history and financial information on one page. With Copper CRM-connected QuickBooks Online, we're making it easier to deliver on customer expectations, finding customer information and integration.

View invoice, data, and estimate status from Copper

View all open, paid and overdue invoices for any lead, contact or entire account with QuickBooks online integration. You can even view the invoice number, due date, and balance total.

View an invoice history in the activity feed

Any update from accounting on invoice status, payments and due dates get automatically synced into the activity feed so sales can filter down on past invoice history to learn more, thanks to Copper and QuickBooks CRM integration.

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