Lead tracking software

With the right lead tracking management software, you can spend less time tracking, organizing, and managing your sales prospects—and focus on converting leads to customers.

  • Convert more leads
  • See which channels are bringing qualified leads
  • No more dealing with messy spreadsheets
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Capture And Track Leads From Gmail

Capture and track leads right from Gmail.

Your days of managing leads in Excel spreadsheets are over. Copper integrates with G Suite so you can capture new leads’ details and track engagement right from your inbox. Another perk of working leads right from your email? Faster response rates, which means better engagement and more converted leads.

Send Bulk Emails Lead Tracking

Nurture leads with email campaigns.

With Copper’s bulk email functionality, you can send one email to a large group of leads or contacts, saving you hours of work. Don’t worry, it’s still easy to personalize and segment the message with merge fields and filtered lists. Plus, you can track which leads have received, opened, and clicked on your emails in real time.

Task Alerts Lead Tracking

Stay on top of hot leads with real-time alerts.

Copper is your personal assistant when it comes to tracking and managing leads. Just set tasks for a specific time and date, and get alerts and reminder notifications so that you’ll never forget to follow up or lose track of a hot lead.

Success story
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Copper streamlined our lead management process. We're servicing our customers in a more efficient, productive way.
Stephanie OriarteEvents & Sales Manager, Il Fiorello

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