The best pipeline management software.

Copper makes it easy to organize, track, and streamline your sales process with customizable pipelines.

  • Create unlimited drag-and-drop pipelines
  • Visually track pipeline health
  • Manage your sales team from anywhere
  • Real-time visibility into performance
pipeline management pipeline management software

Build and customize your sales pipeline.

Create multiple drag-and-drop pipelines in Copper that are easily customizable to your sales processes. You can add as many sales stages, team members, or activity types as you need. In minutes, you can be starting tasks and completing actions.

Track deal progress, sales stages, and pipeline health.

Copper’s sales pipelines show you a quick visual overview of where your deals fall in the sales process. Drill into each deal to see the details and monitor the health of your business. Copper automatically alerts reps of new tasks and recommended actions if the deal is stalling so you can focus on increasing your pipeline velocity and value.

Copper CRM has all the pipeline data you’ll ever want.

It’s easy to tag, filter, and sort deals by category, potential value, or expected close date. Copper’s visual dashboards and pipeline reports display the amount, type, and status of your current deals. Want to get even more granular? Analytics on sales velocity, pipeline value, average deal size, and more give you performance insights and help you grow your business.

Give our pipeline management system a test-drive.

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