Accelerate Your Sales Process with Automated Actions

There is a misconception that being successful at sales means that you are an outgoing “people person.” While there are many soft skills that go into being a top sales rep, the one unifying quality that all successful sales reps and teams have is a consistent process. I am pleased to announce that Copper has just released our Automated Actions suite - the product that will ensure you and your sales team follow the sales process that will maximize your results. The Automated Actions suite gives you the ability to automatically assign tasks to Copper users at any stage in your sales funnel. Set it up once, and never miss out on an opportunity!

task automation

The idea of Automated Actions came from our own sales team at Copper. We have a killer sales process that we spend time tweaking and optimizing, but even we fall into the trap of running after the shiny deal that’s right in front of us. We know better than to ignore the core fundamentals that have been proven to drive results. With the launch of the Automated Actions suite we now automatically assign tasks to our sales, marketing, engineering, and customer success teams at the appropriate time in the sales cycle, which ensures we stick to the processes we know are successful. Lets look at an example that we hear frequently: A new prospect signs up on a lead form and we want to make sure our sales team calls them. All it takes is (1) selecting the criteria (e.g. “Leads” with activity “Created”), and (2) setting up the task (e.g. assign task “Schedule call with new lead” to sales rep “John Smith” and remind him about the task after two days). In this scenario, Sales Rep John Smith will now automatically receive a task to “Schedule call with new lead” via Copper and via email whenever a lead is created in Copper. Check out this video to see it in action.

task automation

Automated Actions can be linked to any entity in Copper to match your unique business needs. Use this new Copper functionality to take what are normally manual tasks, and automate them to drive consistent processes and increased efficiency. Check out our knowledge base article for more details. This is the first step in building the ultimate “if this, then that” tool in Copper with multiple updates already in the roadmap. The Copper sales team is setting up our Automated Actions right now. Let us know how your sales team is using Automated Actions!

Cheers, Shaun

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